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The largest norm Round Robin invitational in U.S. history is underway at the Charlotte Chess Center (CCC). Taking place from November 18 to 22, the… Read More »
Zhou - Chasin - Rodrigue-Lemieux, 2022 Charlotte Norm Invitational
After five intense days, we have reached the end of the journey for the 28th Charlotte Chess Center (CCC) Norm Invitational. There was a lot of… Read More »
2022 Charlotte Invitational
We’re midway through the 28th Charlotte Chess Center (CCC) Norm Invitational. On hand are a total of 40 players including the top rated 11-year-old… Read More »
In 1977, inspiration struck. Dr. Robert Ferguson, an avid player and chess philanthropist started Castle Chess Camp in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Read… Read More »
From the moment we landed in Saint Louis we were greeted with signs of chess culture in the chess capital.  A banner welcoming guests for the Chess… Read More »
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