On Tuesday, November 19th at 4 ET, Women's Program Director Jennifer Shahade will team up with WFM Alexandra Botez against IM Anna Rudolf… Read More »
Abhi at the Bay Area International Photo David Llada Rising superstar Abhimanyu Mishra earned his third IM norm at the GM Maxim Academy… Read More »
Carissa Yip 16-year-old Carissa Yip made history this week, by earning her final IM norm at the 2019 SPICE Cup/Benko… Read More »
In the TV series Law & Order we get the crime, arrest, and trial all in 60 minutes minus the commercials. In real life, even in the chess… Read More »
UPDATE 8/3: For those playing in the National Senior Tournament of Champions - please note that the opening ceremony starts at 2pm in Salon 5-6. This… Read More »
US Chess is delighted to announce the recipients of the US Chess Women’s Program Grant, funded by a generous gift in partnership with the… Read More »
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