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The 54th Annual Greater New York Scholastic Chess Championships were held February 1-2 at the Marriott in downtown Brooklyn. The New York State… Read More »
In this supplement to David Hater's excellent article on the National Junior High Championship, I present two games from that event. I was… Read More »
For several months before the 13th Annual Open at Foxwoods, held April 17-21 at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut, chatter had been… Read More »
When Winston Wang and Frank Prestia, Sr. bumped into each other at the Parkway Hotel in St. Louis, they were both startled, but they both realized… Read More »
Eighteen-year-old Lev Paciorkowski, whose formative chess years were spent playing at the Rochester Chess Center and in the Rochester Interscholastic… Read More »
With so many strong players in attendance, who would emerge as the player(s) best able to concentrate, or most adept at taking calculated risks at… Read More »
John Burke (left) at the 2017 Match of the Millennials. Photo: Lennart Ootes Now in its 7th year in Greensboro, North Carolina, the US… Read More »
The inaugural National Senior Tournament of Champions kicked off on July 28 in Madison, Wisconsin at the U.S. Open, along with the Denker High School… Read More »
If Memorial Weekend is meant to kick off the summer tournament circuit, then one of the best places to get started was the 6th Annual Cherry Blossom… Read More »
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