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Never (before this year!) in the history of the NATO Chess Championship has a U.S. player won an individual medal, and the U.S. has only taken team… Read More »
Team USA has arrived in Berlin to participate in the 30th NATO Chess Championship which is being held at Julius Leber Barracks from September 16th to… Read More »
GM Fidel Corrales and SM Mika Brattain won the 14th Annual Indianapolis Open (August 23-25, Indianapolis) with a score of 4.5-0.5, each taking home a… Read More »
GM Vladimir Belous won the 51st Annual Atlantic Open (August 23-25, Falls Church, VA) with a score of 4.5-0.5 to take the first place prize of $3100… Read More »
GM Jianchou Zhou won the 49th annual Continental Open (August 14-18, Sturbridge) with a score of 7-2 to take the first place prize of $6200.  Zhou… Read More »
When “Bryant, Sevillano, and Li” tie for first in a Grand Prix event, you might assume it is two GMs and an IM who took home big money. But at the… Read More »
GM Timur Gareyev scored a perfect 6-0 in the 2019 Pacific Coast Open (July 18-20, Van Nuys, CA), earning $3,100 for his sterling performance. … Read More »
The Continental Chess Association had a busy weekend July 19th-21st, running three events in Chicago, IL, Manhattan, NY, and Orlando, FL. Together… Read More »
The Third Annual Charity Chess Championship was held at Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School on June 2nd. This year’s fundraising event featured… Read More »
The Philadelphia International was not the only big tournament in Philadelphia last weekend. A five round weekend swiss, the Philadelphia Open, was… Read More »
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