GM Timur Gareev

With a few days to spare before the tournament series, I started my Indian journey coming into the southern coastal city of Kochi in the state of… Read More »
This weekend I am set to face 47 players blindfolded simultaneously while exercising on a spin bike. Aside from the intellectual magnanimity of the… Read More »
GM Timur Gareyev has been working towards the ultimate world record event playing 47 games simultaneously this year. Among his recent feats are 35-… Read More »
Lindsborg, Kansas once again welcomed the Girls State Championship this year.  The event was held on March 26 at Karpov Chess School. Sheena Zheng… Read More »
GM Timur Gareev provides a stunning photo gallery of his recent trip to Iceland, one of the stops on his blindfold chess tour, set to culminate in a… Read More »
GM Timur Gareyev talks about his blindfold chess journey, and gives practical tips on players wishing to improve their blindfold skills, or use… Read More »
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