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The Confederation of Chess for Americas (CCA) is organizing an American Continent Tournament to qualify 8 players for this year’s World Cup to be… Read More »
US Chess is announcing a revised fee structure for the cost of submitting FIDE rated events for rating. These fees are in addition to the regular… Read More »
US Chess is excited to announce a new, entry level US Chess rated correspondence chess (CC) event, to be held on the International Correspondence… Read More »
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At the end of January, the US Chess Executive Board approved the formation of the Correspondence Chess Working Group (CCWG) to assess the US Chess… Read More »
The US Chess Federation is pleased to announce the list of players who are officially invited to participate in the 2021 World Youth (Under 14, Under… Read More »
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Please note that no changes have been made to the existing Scholastic National Invitational Event and Award Requirements posted at https://new.… Read More »
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The US Chess Absolute Correspondence Chess Championship has been held annually since its inception in 1976 and the 2021 Absolute Championship will be… Read More »
The US Chess Morning Membership Events have been running since June and are currently a weekly online blitz tournament held every Friday morning on… Read More »
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The 2020 North American Junior Chess Championships, Open U-20 and Girls U-20, will be held December 19-23, 2020 at the Charlotte Chess Center in… Read More »
This week's “The TD Show” topic will be "Chapter 10, Rules for Online Tournaments and Matches" and will air at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific on Thursday,… Read More »
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