WIM Dr Alexey Root

Dr. Alexey Root is looking for the following six games to complete her book, United States Women's Chess Champions. Two of the games were played in… Read More »
Outdoor chess tournament at the Lincoln Square Chess Club.
In part two of her outdoor chess series, WIM Alexey Root profiles organizers in New York City, Chicago and Fremont, CA.Read More »
The Katowice Market Square in Poland features outdoor chess tournaments throughout the summer. (photo credit Olga Krzyzykk)
WIM Dr. Alexey Root looks at international outdoor chess and interviews Jeffrey Vollmer, who organizes US Chess-rated outdoor tournaments in St.… Read More »
Playing Site at Fort Worth Championship 2020
The third annual Queen City of the Prairie Open and Fort Worth Championship was held over-the-board July 18-19 in Fort Worth, Texas. The highest-… Read More »
Many Chess Life Online readers are staying home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have cabin fever, you can virtually visit chess streamers’… Read More »
Dr. Tim Redman served twice as President of US Chess, from 1981-1984 and again from 2000-2001. He was also the founder, in 1996, of The University of… Read More »
The proportion of boys and men in yoga is around 17%, a near mirror image of the percentage of girls and women in chess (14.6%). Despite yoga and… Read More »
The Good Moves art exhibition at The Power Station, a gallery founded by contemporary art collector Alden Pinnell, benefits Vogel Alcove. Vogel… Read More »
2019 TWCC participants (photo Louis A. Reed, Jr) Nicole Niemi and I both scored 3.5 of 4 at the 2019 Texas Women’s Chess Championship (… Read More »
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