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It’s the small stuff that makes up the quality of a good tournament experience. You have some control over that. Have a look at an… Read More »
Tim Just, CLO columnist
The claim of insufficient losing chances while playing in sudden death has taken a long windy path to return right back where it started.Read More »
IA/NTD Wayne Clark
Wayne Clark selflessly taught the art of tournament direction, helping organize the largest events around the Midwest and the nation for 20 years.… Read More »
Tim Just, CLO columnist
Forgetting to bring your chess clock to a tournament has the potential to make for a difficult day.Read More »
Tim Just, CLO columnist
A new set of rules for correspondence chess in the 7th edition of the US Chess Rulebook are scheduled to kick in on October 1.Read More »
There is no such thing as reality. There is only perception — Gustave Flaubert. CASE 1 YOU: Great, my opponent made a move —… Read More »
Tim Just, CLO columnist
National Tournament Director Tim Just offers a few rules of thumb that are easier to recall if you get caught in the labyrinth of an adjournment.Read… Read More »
Tim Just, CLO columnist
The Queens Gambit on Netflix has done a lot for promoting our beloved royal sport. The show has also triggered a flood of nostalgia. Read More »
Tim Just, CLO columnist
Entering chess tournaments is a lot like those pop-up screens that bring our computers and smartphone activities to a screeching halt. Read More »
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