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Nothing compares to the excitement of the final round. The audience loves the adrenaline, and the raised stakes can aggravate the pressure but also… Read More »
At the end of a period in most sports, athletes are eager to score going into the intermission: maybe even a buzzer-beater. The 2023 U.S. and U.S.… Read More »
Every year, a dozen each of America’s top men and women flock to the Saint Louis Chess Club (SLCC) to play in the U.S. Championships, an invitational… Read More »
Imagine a room the size of the movie theater, but bigger. From the front of the room rolls down a giant projector, where real-time chess action of… Read More »
In many sports, halftime is a great time for players to reset, gather their bearings, and map out their plans for the rest of the event. In the U.S.… Read More »
38 years ago in 1985, the first Denker Tournament of High School State Champions was held: a melting pot for strong chess players all over the nation… Read More »
The National Championships held in St. Louis are known for showcasing America’s chess talent, from the veterans in the Senior to the rising youth in… Read More »
  A defining characteristic of the American Cup that distinguishes it from a normal knockout tournament is its double elimination format,… Read More »
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Lively chitter-chatter filled the vast playing hall as over 1300 chess players headed to their boards. Left and right, teams huddled around the… Read More »
As the first twilight of the spring sun bore down through my window, I received an invitation from IM Greg Shahade to US Chess School’s… Read More »
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