The thrilling STL Rapid & Blitz is beginning again at the Saint Louis Chess Club this weekend. Let's take a look at the competitors.Read More »
Test out your calculation skills with puzzles from the U.S. Junior Championships. How do your skills compare to America's top prodigies?Read More »
At the halfway point, two clear leaders have emerged at the U.S. Juniors Championships, Carissa Yip and Advait Patel. Read More »
This year’s U.S. Girls’ Junior Championship has a myriad of new faces - half the players are brand new to the championship. Read More »
This year's U.S. Junior Championship is incredibly strong, consisting of a field where half the players are grandmasters. Who will prove to be the… Read More »
For the third major tournament in a row, a member of the American "Big Three" grandmasters was the winner. This time, it was Hikaru Nakamura's turn.… Read More »
Wesley So is not only currently the sole leader, but he got there with 5 decisive games out of 6 rounds.Read More »
The 2018 Grand Chess Tour has kicked off in Belgium with Your Next Move, a rapid and blitz tournament. Wesley So currently leads convincingly with 18… Read More »
So far, Magnus Carlsen is looking like his peak self. After only 3 games, he's gained a full point lead on the field.Read More »
What makes Norway the self-proclaimed "World's Strongest Tournament"? The event will feature the reigning World Champion, the Challenger, 8 players… Read More »
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