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Tournament Results

Haring Past Events
WFM Martha Samadashvili

Congratulations to WFM Martha Samadashvili (NY), rated 2270 who scored (5.5/6) and was clear First Place. She received the $5,000 College/University Scholarship to the school of her choice provided by the Robert and Barbara Schiffrin Fund of US Chess. Clear Second Place was won by Sara Herman (CO), rated 2016 who scored (5/6). There was a four way tie for Third Place involving Alice Lee (MN), Iris Zhou (MO), Tianhui [Cindy] Jie (FL), and Emily Hu (PA) with a score of 4.5/6. There was a field of 3WFMs, and 3WCMs. Alice Lee (MN) was the winner of the $500 Ursula Foster Memorial Chess Scholarship for best result under the age of 13.

Further details can be found here.

See the Chess Life Online story here.

Florida, SoCal and New York Tie for First in Team Competition Congratulations to Florida on their First Place tie-break finish (13/18) with a team average of 2138. Southern California matched their point total (13/18), but lost on the second tie-break with a team average of 2243. New York was also in the hunt with a point total (13/18) and a team average 2268. The Florida state team was composed of their Denker representative, Ryan Hamley (4/6), Barber representative, NM Raghav Venkat (4.5/6), and Haring NGTOC representative, Tianhui (Cindy) Jie (4.5/6). The Southern California state team was composed of their Denker representative, CM Brandon Xia (4/6), Barber representative, CM Robert Shlyakhtenko (5/6) and their Haring NGTOC representative, Julia Sevilla (4/6). The New York state team was composed of their Denker representative, NM Max Jiahua Li (3/6), Barber representative, NM Gus Huston (4.5/6) and their Haring NGTOC representative, WFM Martha Samadashvili (5.5/6). State Team winners in the Under Sections: (Under 2100) Texas. In the (Under 1900) it was Utah and in the (Under 1600) section was New Hampshire. Complete team results can be found here.


Tournament Results
Veronika Zilajeva Wins 2018 National Girls Tournament of Champions!

Veronika Zilajeva with Chuck Unruh
Veronika Zilajeva with Chuck Unruh


Only a draw in round 3 against WFM Sasha Konovalenko prevented Veronika Zilajeva (OK) from achieving a perfect score in this year’s NGTOC. Veronika finished the tournament with 5.5/6 points making her the clear 1st place finisher and also this year’s winner of the $5,000 dollar scholarship award funded by Richard and Barbara Schiffrin of Pennsylvania! WFM Martha Samadashvili came in second place finishing with 5/6. WIM Naomi Bashkansky, Anupama Rajendra, Arya Kumar, and WCM Angelica Chin all finished with a score of 4.5/6.

Complete results can be found here.

Virginia takes clear First in 2018 State Team competition

Congratulations to Virginia (team avg-2213) on winning the Team Championship Title for 2018! Virginia finished with 14.5/18 followed by second place finisher Washington State (team avg-2310) with a total of 13.5/18. California-S (team avg-2276) and Massachusetts (team avg-2154) both finished with a tie score of 13/18 with CA-S winning the tiebreak. State team winners in the Under Sections were: Arizona (U2100) with a score of 12/18, Connecticut (U1900) 9.5/18, and Indiana (U1700) 9.5/18.

Complete results can be found here.


Tournament Results
Rochelle Wu (AL) Wins clear 1st with Scholarship in hand

Rochelle Wu
Rochelle Wu













With a single draw in Round 5 against Saithanu Avirneni (GA), Rochelle Wu (AL) showed a remarkable ability to outplay the best in the tournament. The Richard and Barbara Schiffrin Scholarship of $5,000 to a school of her choice was the topping on her stellar performance. In addition to the Scholarship, Rochelle once again picked up the Ursula Foster award ($500) and best result for a participant under the age of 13.

Complete results can be found here. 

Illinois takes clear First in 2017 State Team competition
Illinois (Team average-2242) captured the State Team Title with a 14/18 results against the favorite, CA-So (Team average-2345). Second place was in the hands of Washington state (Team average-2172 with a 13.5/18 and Third place outscoring the rest of the field with a 12.5/18 was Texas (Team average-2180).

State Team winners in the Under Sections were Ohio (Under 2100) and Indiana (Under 1900).

Complete state team results can be found here.


Tournament Results

National Master Jennifer Yu (VA) Wins Scholarship

Jennifer Yu Photo by Spectrum Studios courtesy of Saint Louis Chess Campus
Jennifer Yu. Photo by Spectrum Studios,
courtesy of Saint Louis Chess Campus














Congratulations to NM Jennifer Yu (VA), rated 2317 who proved for the third time that titles are won by being clear first. Our new National Girls Tournament Champion of Champions was up to the task. Jennifer was awarded a $5,000 Scholarship to a school of her choice that was provided by Richard and Barbara Schiffrin (PA).

Veronika Zilajeva (OK) won clear 2nd Place with a 5/6. There was a four way tie for 3rd Place with Anupama Rajendra (WI), Julia Sevilla (CA-S), FIDE WCM Claudia Munoz (TX) and Rochelle Wu (AL).

The Ursula Foster Award of a $500 stipend was won by Rochelle Wu (AL) with the best result for a participant under the age of 13.

New Jersey clear first in State Team Competition

Congratulations to New Jersey on their commanding First Place finish (14/18) ending any doubt that their state team average (2232) was strong enough to take the top spot. Their team was lead by Barber representative, CM Brandon Jacobson (5.5/6). Denker representative, IM John Burke (4.5/6) and National Girls representative Angelica Chin (4/6) completed the effort. Second Place team, Texas with a state team average (2174) was ½ point behind New Jersey followed by Virginia (2227) who took clear Third Place with ½ point below Texas.

State Team winners in the Under Sections were Oklahoma (Under 2100), Oregon (Under 1900) and Nevada (Under 1700).

Complete results can be found here.


Tournament Results

The 2015 National Girls Champs: Veronika Zilajeva, Anupama Rajendra, Jennifer Shahade, Evian Xiang, Jennifer Yu and Jon Haskel, Photo Jeff Smith
The 2015 National Girls Champs: Veronika
Zilajeva, Anupama Rajendra, Jennifer
Shahade, Evian Xiang, Jennifer Yu and Jon
Haskel, Photo Jeff Smith













Four players tied for first in the National Girls Tournament of Champions: Jennifer Yu R (VA)
Anupama Rajendra (WI)
Veronika Zilajeva (OK)
Evian Xiang (NH)


Tournament Results

2014 Haring Champions








Jennifer R Yu (VA, right)
Jessica Regam (PA, center)
Claudia E Munoz (TX, left)


Tournament Results

2013 Haring Champions











Apurva Virkud (MI)
Akshita Gorti (VA)


Ursula Foster Memorial Award Winners


2018 Shravani Patil NH U13 $500
2017 Rochelle Wu AL U13 $500
2016 Rochelle Wu AL U13 $500
2015 Thalia Cervantes MO U13 $500
2014 Jennifer Yu VA U13 $500
2013 Akshita Gorti VA U13 $500

Hall of Fame

The WIM Ruth Haring National Girls Hall of Fame is composed of National Girls Tournament of Champions participants. At the beginning of the event, each of these players possessed a US Chess National Master or Expert ranking for the year/years of their participation. This list includes the state affiliate they represented.

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
WFM Martha Samadashvili (NY) Veronika Zilajeva (OK) Marissa Li (IL) WCM Claudia Munoz (TX) NM Jennifer Yu (VA) NM Annie Wang (CA-S) Michelle Chen (MA)
Sara Herman (CO) WFM Martha Samadashvili (NY) Naomi Bashkansky (WA) WCM Thalia Cervantes (MO) Anupama Rajendra (WI) Kimberly Ding (NJ) Alice Dong (NJ)
Alice Lee (MN) WIM Naomi Bashkansky (WA) Priya Trakru (TX) NM Jennifer Yu (VA)   Becca Lampman (WA) Claudia E Munoz (TX)
Tianhui (Cindy) Jie (FL) Anupama Rajendra (WI) NM Annie Wang (CA-S) Anupama Rajendra (WI)   Claudia E Munoz (TX) Epiphany M Peters (TN)
WCM Angelica Chin (NJ) WCM Angelica Chin (NJ) Anupama Rajendra (WI) Julia Sevilla (CA-S)   Lilia Meilan Poteat (NY) Emily K Tallo (IN)
Julia Sevilla (CA-S) WIM Thanh Thuy Tien Nguyen (AZ) Rochelle Wu (AL) Miranda Liu (IL)   Jessica Regam (PA) Apurva Virkud (MI)
WFM Sasha Konovalenko (MI) WFM Sasha Konovalenko (MI) Sanjana Vittal (NJ)     Carissa Shiwe Yip (MA) Ellen Xiang (NH)
WFM Anne-Marie Velea (WA) WCM Sheena Zeng (KS) Veronika Zilajeva (OK)     Jennifer R Yu (VA)  
Chang Xu (AZ) WCM Marissa Li (IL)          
WCM Marissa Li (IL) Tianhui [Cindy] Jie (FL)          
  WFM Queena Deng (CA-S)          


Revised August 16, 2019    
Abdus-Shakoor, Diamond OH 2015
Aderogba, Temilolu ID 2017
Alter, Deanna CO 2014-16
Aripova, Nigina MO 2018
Arnold, Peishanika [Nika] IN 2014-17
Avirneni, Saithanuari GA 2013-17
Baig, Sana LA 2018
Baig, Sumaiyya LA 2017
Bartlett, Brynna MS 2014
Bashkansky, Naomi WA 2017-18
Benjamin, Tiarra PA 2018
Bermudez, Valentina FL 2017
Bhanuprasad, Meghana MD 2017, 2019
Bhatia, Simran WI 2018
Bills, Devon OH 2013
Bloch, Gabriela Martha AR 2015
Bloch, Sara Marie AR 2014
Borg, Austen Janna VT 2014-15
Botez, Andrea Cecilia Crist OR 2015
Bowles, Ameeria Johnson KY 2018
Bowyer, Rosemary ID 2019
Breznyan, Annamarie FL 2015
Brown, Sarah TX 2015
Buxbaum, Talia MS 2015-16
Camarda, Logan KS 2019
Cancio, Aiya AZ 2013
Cao, Joy MA 2016-17
Cao-Dao, Vivian VA 2017-19
Carson, Sarah Faith IA 2018
Carter, Kydriana NC 2014-16
Cervantes, Thalia MO 2015-16
Chatterjee, Trina CA-N 2015
Chen, Michelle MA 2013
Cheng, Angela TX 2018-19
Cherepakhin, Olga WA 2013
Chin, Angelica NJ 2016, 2018-19
Dasari, Sree RI 2016-18
Dawar, Ria MA 2015
De Credico, Zsofia TN 2015, 2018
Deland, Rebecca NM 2013-14
Deng, Queena CAS 2018
Dhingra, Sangeeta WA 2015-16
Dias, Neha Alisha SC 2013-15
Ding, Kimberly NJ 2014
Djuric, Milica DC 2013-16
Dong, Alice NJ 2013, 2015
Du, Katherine CT 2013-14
Elkins, Isabella AR 2018
Eng, Rachael AZ 2015
England, McKenzie SC 2016
Feldman, Neena OR 2016
Ferrell, Lindsay MS 2017
Fontak, Brianna PA 2016
Fox, Amber Marina AZ 2015
Gadson, Keturah MO 2013
Ganbaatar, Saikhan MN 2015
Gaug, Carolynn NC 2017
Glombicki, Tess IN 2019
Gomboluudev, Enkhjin CA-N 2018
Gorti, Akshita VA 2013
Guo, Ingrid GA 2018
Hajiarbabi, Kiana KS 2013, 2015, 2017
Hajiarbabi, Shahrzad KS 2014
Harihara, Caeley IL 2015
Hasteer, Divija CA-N 2016
Herman, Sara CO 2017-19
Higgins, Clare WV 2016
Hsu, Skylar MD 2016
Hu, Emily PA 2019
Hua, Margaret M MO 2014
Huang, Alena WI 2013
Huang, Stella OH 2014, 2016
Huang, Yue MA 2018
Humphrey, Bethany ME 2014
Izaak, Olivia OR 2017
Jie, Tianhui (Cindy) FL 2018-19
Jothirajah, Pranathi IN 2016
Kamtekar, Saey Sanjay UT 2013
Karam, Esha TN 2016
Kaur, Aradh WI 2019
Kenney, Lindsay ND 2013
Kim, Charlotte M MD 2014
Kim, Emily HI 2014
Kim, Madeline H MD 2013
King, kaleigh MS 2019
Kleidermacher, Lauren FL 2014, 2016
Knecht, Teresa Phivan Eleanor IA 2013-14
Kong, Sydney TN 2017, 2019
Konovalenko, Sasha MI 2016-19
Kulkarni, Soumya MI 2014-15
Kumar, Arya NC 2018
Kumar, Asha NC 2019
Lampman, Becca WA 2014
Lee, Alice MN 2019
Lee, Anna UT 2016-17
Lee, Jacinda UT 2018-19
Lei, Amy MA 2019
Letard, Willow Katrina NM 2015
Leys, Charlotte SC 2019
Li, Marissa IL 2017-19
Liu, Miranda IL 2014, 2016
Lodh, Anjali IA 2019
Lossef, Amanda DC 2017, 2019
Low, Beatrice CT 2015-19
Ma, Samantha OH 2017-19
Marks, Susanna SD 2016
McGuinness, Alana RI 2014
Melder, Sarah LA 2016
Moolten, Shira S PA 2013, 2017
Moore, Sophia NM 2016-17, 2019
Morejon, Helen FL 2013
Munoz, Claudia E TX 2013-14, 2016
Nguyen, Linh ME 2017
Nguyen, Thanh Thuy Tien AZ 2018
Outkin, Victoria E NM 2018
Panzade, Aarohi KY 2016
Papanek, Ella Sharpe NY 2015, 2017
Patel, Jeeya WV 2018-19
Patil, Shravani NH 2018
Pattanaik, Neha VA-Alt 2017
Pembo, Jordan LA 2019
Pemsler, Carmen ID 2013-14
Perkins, Sarai OR 2013
Peters, Epiphany M TN 2013-14
Porth, Dylan ID 2015-16, 2018
Poteat, Lilia Meilan NY 2013
Rajendra, Anupama Shashikala WI 2013, 2015-18
Ravi, Saisree MN 2013
Regam, Jessica PA 2014
Reiches, Madeleine IL 2013
Richards, Symphony AR 2017
Riley, Hailey OR 2014
Ringel, Niki MN 2016-18
Roberts, Madelyn KY 2015
Robertson, Shannon KY 2017, 2019
Roshu, Cassandra OR 2018
Roth, Danielle IA 2016
Rudnicki, Catherine ME 2018
Salzgeber, Karen Elizabeth MS 2013
Samadashvili, Martha NY 2018-19
Santiago, Naomi Yoali NV 2015-16
Santos, Clarrisa E OK 2013
Sanwal, Aisha NV 2013
Sevilla, Julia CA-S 2016, 2019
Show, Serafina CA-N 2014
Skariah, Anushka E MD 2018
Sloniewska, Agata ME 2019
Smyth, Rayya AR 2013
Soori, Rose E ND 2014-19
Sousa, Thalia NH 2016
Stepanova, Natalia MD 2015
Sunil, Shreya AL 2019
Swan, Ayah DC 2018
Tallo, Emily K IN 2013
Tammali, Vaishnavi GA 2019
Thangavel, Sanmati IA 2015, 2017
Thomas, Kathryn KY 2014
Trakru, Priya TX 2017
Tran, Jacey NE 2013-16, 2018
Tran, Jamie NE 2017
Treiman, Lauren UT 2014-15
Tucker, Linnea Tornquist HI 2015
Tustin, Jasmine Ruth WV 2014-15
Ulrich, Susanna G WI 2014
Velea, Anne-Marie WA 2019
Velidandla, Sarvagna AL 2018
Venkataraja, Triyakshari NC 2013
Vidyarthi, Omya CA-N 2019
Virku, Apurva MI 2013
Vittal, Sanjana NJ 2017
Walatka, Therese IN 2018
Wang, Annie CA-S 2014, 2017
Wang, Nancy NY 2016
Weber, Emily A SD 2015
Weishaar, Rachel TN 2014
Weng, Kayla AR 2019
Wing, Emma E AZ 2014, 2016-17
Wu, Rochelle AL 2015-17
Wyzywany, Amelia Florence LA 2014-15
Wyzywany, Annastasia Marie LA 2013
Xiang, Ellen NH 2013
Xiang, Evan NH 2014-15
Xing, Amy FL 2019
Xu, Chang AZ 2019
Xuan, Lefan SC 2018
Yang, Kaitlyn CA-S 2015
Yerra, Sai Sneha NH 2017, 2019
Yip, Carissa Shiwe MA 2014
Yu, Jennifer R VA 2014-16
Zeng, Sheena S KS 2016, 2018
Zhang, Hanshi CA-S 2013
Zhao, Audrey CA-N 2013
Zhou, Iris MO 2019
Zilajeva, Veronika OK 2014-18
Zilajeva, Viktorija OK 2019


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