Promote Girls Chess

Black Queen with White King on its side, placed upon a chess board.

Be a hero. Help empower girls in Chess. Do one. Do a few. Do All.

Visit our upcoming tournaments section to find girl friendly events in your hometown or State. Look for scholastic or girls events. we have some already listed on our calendar

Find a Chess Club and take a girl and her friends there.

Buy a chess set and chess books for a girl.

Show a girl that girls play chess too. 

Give a girl chess puzzles to solve.

Ask a woman chess player, TD or organizer how she got involved in chess. LISTEN. Follow her lead. Many members of the Women's Committee are here to help.

Find a certified chess coach.

Play chess videos and join a chess teaching website.

Pay for a US Chess membership for a girl. Renew your own membership, if you have one.

Get to know your State’s Tournament Directors, Chess Club Owners and Organizers. Ask them if they might like to have more girls and women to play in their events. Offer to promote their event to girls and women for them.

Take a girl to a chess festival.

Help a local Girl Scout troop earn chess badges. A Chess badge is part of the Club Juliette Pathway for grades 2 – 12.

Check out the Girl Scout STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) program.

Teach a girl to stand up for herself. Bullying in during a game, should be reported to a tournament director immediately. Bullying between rounds should be reported to the tournament organizer.

Become a TD. Buy a Rule Book. Read it. Email US Chess about TD certification at Find an experienced TD to mentor you.

Donate to US Chess or the US Chess Trust. Be sure to make a note on your payment or check that this donation is “For Women/Girls Activities.”