State Chapters


We hope you will find the links on this page useful as a quick reference for locating content relevant to state chapters, their officers and their appointed delegates.

The STATE CHAPTER REQUIREMENTS is a document that all state chapter officers should be familiar with to understand the relationship between the US Chess and State Chapters.

The Website User Guide for State Chapters provides you with information about logging in, where your State Chapter appears on your personal profile when you are an officer, how to change the information in your State Chapter's club directory listing, and how to add or remove officers.

The US Chess Bylaws

  • Article VIII, Sections 1 & 2 address state chapter affiliates.
  • Article V explains the delegate system.
  • Article V, Section 4, specifically states the role of the state chapter in naming delegates.


Free Email Blasts for State Chapters

Effective immediately, 0fficial US Chess State Chapters are allowed four free email blasts per calendar year. These can be used for any event that is organized by the state affiliate and may not include events from other affiliates. The blast must be submitted through the state chapter's dashboard. Information on how to send an email blast can be found by clicking here.

The demographic query should be limited to your state, adjoining states, and possibly regional states. You should not select the entire membership unless you are running an online event open to out-of-state players.
On the payment screen, select "No Charge (by prior arrangement with US Chess)." If you have any questions, please contact Dan Lucas (



State Chapters are required to name delegates to represent their state. Visit the Delegates page for more information about the role of delegates and delegate information specific to a given year.

What is a Delegate?

The Delegate Cycle

The Current Delegates List

2024 Delegate Allocation

For the date of the next Annual Delegates Meeting and to make reservations, locate the US Open tournament on the National Events page. The Annual Delegates Meeting is the final Saturday and Sunday of the US Open schedule. As we near a year's delegate meeting, we will create a page for specific information about it on the Delegates page (linked above).


State Scholastic Coordinators

Please review our State Scholastic Coordinators List to be sure we have the right contact for your state. These are the people we communicate with to get your state champions for our National Invitational tournaments.


Tournament Clearinghouses

US Chess maintains a list of Tournament Clearinghouses to help tournament organizers cooperate with each other to anticipate conflicting tournaments. These contacts are provided by state chapters and are listed by the first three digits of the zip codes they cover. Please check the list to ensure the contacts for your state's zip codes are accurate.


Affiliate Logos

Affiliates are allowed to use specific US Chess logos along with their own. Download this zipped folder to access all of the logos along with guidelines for their proper use and a letter of introduction. Any questions about the use of these logos should be directed to Daniel Lucas,


Webinar: A Primer on Nonprofit Formation


Webinar: 2021 Executive Board Meeting with State Chapters


Please feel free to contact the Governance Coordinator at Click here to show email address for any questions not answered by these links.