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Results are In at the Denker, Barber and NGIT

Results are in at the Denker, Barber and NGIT. Alexander Velikanov (WI) took clear first in the Denker while Advait Patel (OK) topped the Barber. Four players (pictured) tied for first in the National Girls Invitational.

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US Open Holding True, Top Seeds Nicked In Invitationals

FM Mike Klein covers round two of the US Open and a dramatic round three at the Scholastic Invitationals. Also read about John Michael Burke's remarkable rating spike.

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Hot Chess in Phoenix: US Open Begins

As the calendar turned to August, the 116th U.S. Open opened Saturday night in Phoenix, Arizona with one "burning" question - will the temperature exceed the edition? It's going to be close, but so far, the mercury looks to stall a few degrees short.

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Kesav and Agata Top North American Junior

There were six medals waiting to be claimed at the North American Junior Chess Championship in Kitchener, Canada – five of them now belong to Americans.

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Chess Life Magazine

Back to School: Carissa Yip, shares her experience on becoming the youngest female master.

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Chess Life for Kids

"Pawn Pun" sets the theme for Summer brain strain and 40 years of Friendship and Chess.

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