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June 2017: Our annual celebration of the U.S. Championships highlights our two new champions: GM Wesley So and WGM Sabina Foisor. Also: Webster University continues its dominance at the President's Cup and Dr. Alexey Root, WIM interviews 60 Minutes subject Dr. Jeff Bulington about his program in rural Franklin County, Mississippi.

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June 2017: What is correspondence chess? It’s the very same game of chess but played at a very slow pace. That explains the various phases of the moon that show up on our cover to indicate the passage of time.  You might be used to playing at standard tournament time controls or at blitz speed, but have you considered giving yourself days to consider a move? Read our cover story by the 10th United States Correspondence Champion Jon Edwards (you probably already are familiar with Mr. Edwards’ writing as he is the “You Can Do It” columnist for our magazine) beginning on page 10 and running through page 15.

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