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The November Check is in the Mail

It is a rare player who can attain a Master’s rating in both OTB and in correspondence play. Such a player is Kevin Bachler of Park Ridge, Illinois. Kevin’s successes in correspondence chess are well known to readers of this newsletter. He has won two Walter Muir tournaments.

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CL Dec 15 Cover

Chess Life Magazine

December 2015: Our cover contest winner, Orrin Hudson of Stone Mountain, Georgia is announced. Also, we cover the 2015 World Cup and U.S. Masters, and GM Ian Rogers gives the 15 most significant positions from 2015.

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CL4K December 2015 FC

Chess Life for Kids

December 2015: “Dream big and play tough!” So sayeth the Chess Girls D.C. at Catholic University as they prepare for the National K-12 Grade Championships in Florida.

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