Gunina Wins Cairns Cup

GM Valentina Gunina is the clear winner of the 2019 Cairns Cup with 7/9 points. She drew a topsy-turvy game against runner-up GM Alexandra Kosteniuk,...

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Chocolates for Valentina

It’s a Happy Valentine’s Day indeed for GM Valentina Gunina. She wakes up this morning as the sole leader in the 2019 Cairns Cup after...

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Chess Life Magazine

Our February issue features coverage of the event that held the chess community in thrall for most of November: the World Championship match between GM Fabiano Caruana and GM Magnus Carlsen. Even some of our columnists got in on the action! Our youth players took a turn on the international stage as well, and their experiences at the World Youth and World Cadet tournaments also are featured in this month's issue.

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Top Players

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Chess Life Kids

In our February issue, GM Mesgen Amanov writes about the World Cadet Chess Championship, an annual event for players age 12 and under. Four U.S. players took home medals, including Amanov's student, Yuvraj Chennareddy, who clinched gold in the penultimate round. Also check out Jennifer Vallens' article on how to prepare for your first tournament.

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