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Timur Gareyev on Blindfold, Endurance & a World Record

This weekend I am set to face 47 players blindfolded simultaneously while exercising on a spin bike. Aside from the intellectual magnanimity of the challenge, I will likely get an ultra-marathon distance worth of a work out! Exercising while playing chess not only helps direct blood flow to my brain, but also empowers me with a consistent rhythm of play.

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Chess Life Magazine

Happy Holidays from US Chess! Our cover story is about young GM Jeffery Xiong, the first American to win the World Junior Championship in two decades. Also featured: the Washington International, the NATO Championships, and GM Pal Benko writes about the Botvinnik System. Just in time for the holiday season, our print edition includes the 116-page US Chess Federation Sales 2017 Annual Buying Guide. If you would like to download a pdf of the Buying Guide, please visit You can also request a print copy from the website.

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Chess Life Kids

December 2016: Fearsome beasts roam the scholastic tournament halls of America. Sometimes they sport coats of fur and claws and sharp teeth. Others are more difficult to spot – unless they are wearing their Trophies Plus All America Team jackets!  This issue of CLK salutes the 2017 scholastic team members and one, somewhat less fearsome (but no less dangerous over the board) competitor.

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