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Test Yourself: Sinquefield Cup Tactics

As we revel in the 100% decisive round one of the Sinquefield Cup, check out some thrilling tactics from previous editions of this event.

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Why is Carlsen Dominant? (A Theory)

GM Cristian Chirila posits a theory on Carlsen's dominance, and gives us some practical psychological advice on how to improve our own games.

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Stepping Stones to 2500 at the U.S. Chess School

Samir Sen writes about the US Chess School in Seattle, and what he learned from IM Greg Shahade and GM Greg Serper.

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The August Check is in the Mail

The August Check is in the Mail features "Game of the Month" by Joel Levine in his third victory at the Victor Palciauskas tournament.

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Chess Life Magazine

Back to School: Carissa Yip, shares her experience on becoming the youngest female master.

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Chess Life for Kids

"Pawn Pun" sets the theme for Summer brain strain and 40 years of Friendship and Chess.

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