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Should Women’s Chess Titles Be Eliminated?

“The most important thing is self-confidence. So many people will doubt your abilities in life - never listen to them. If you do not truly believe that you can make it to the Grandmaster title, for example, you will never do so.” -Jacob Aagaard

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US Chess Rising: Adisa Banjoko with de Firmian & Donaldson

Mechanics' Institute serves as this hub of chess culture where giants from ancient and modern times come to test themselves. Walking in the architecture, the boards, pieces, and even the air is thick with history. While sitting with one of their members, he pointed to the place where he played 6 rounds of speed chess with Mikhail Tal, and he won one of the games!

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Chess Life Magazine

May 2017: The Summer Academy for Talented Youth, appearing on a Chess Life cover for the second year in a row! See inside for our full coverage of the USA Team North, South, East, and West events.

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Chess Life Kids

April 2017: “It is your response to winning and losing that makes you a winner or a loser.” – Harry Sheehy We all love to win. But at its heart, chess is a game between two people so how you react to winning or losing is just as important as the result. On our cover, Rook-E has just won and is offering a “Good game!” handshake to the opponent, who is showing very poor sportsmanship by letting anger/hurt/frustration get the best of their emotions. Learn more about sportsmanship beginning on page 12.

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