Chris Wainscott

Image Image Caption Ben Johnson: the… Read More »
Awonder Liang at the U.S. Junior Championship, which he went on to win. Photo: US Championship Website Ask me who the second highest… Read More »
At 1:00pm on May 12, 2017 at the Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN the first round of SuperNationals VI will officially begin.  To the casual observer… Read More »
Alex Velikanov, Photo Charlotte Chess Center When the average chess player thinks of the areas in the US most likely to produce high… Read More »
Photo Betsy Dynako As I sit here beginning to write these words I find myself still numb and trying desperately to process the terrible… Read More »
Chess is a game that is full of maxims.  We all know the ones about developing our pieces and getting our kings to safety.  One which rings just as… Read More »
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