2020 Special Delegates Meeting

2020 August Special Delegate Meeting Minutes

Day 1 Video

Day 2 Video, Part I

Day 2 Video, Part II


A second Special Delegates Meeting was held in September to establish the Nominating Committee:

2020 September Special Delegates Meeting Minutes

Video 1

Video 2


Revision/Additions History:

07.13.2020: Agenda with links, links from Special Delegates Bulletin
07.14.2020: Town Hall Zoom Meeting Schedule
07.17.2020: First Zoom meeting video posted
07.20.2020: Special Delegates Meeting Bulletin uploaded (full and low resolution)
07.20.2020: Financial Analysis document added to Agenda item 8
07.23.2020: July 21 Budget Town Hall meeting video posted
07.24.2020: July 23 Chapter 10 of Rule Book Town Hall meeting video posted
07.28.2020: July 27 Zoom Training video posted
07.28.2020: Link to Agenda Item 10 updated with revised document
07.29.2020: July 28 Governance Task Force Town Hall video uploaded.
08.06.2020: August 5 Scholastic Town Hall video uploaded.
08.10.2020: August 9 Budget-Finance Town Hall meeting video posted.
08.10.2020: Delegates Welcome Packet added
08.11.2020: August 11 Chapter 10 of Rule Book Town Hall meeting video posted
08.13.2020: August 12 Zoom Training and Robert's Rules Town Hall meeting video posted
08.13.2020: Staff Reports added
08.13.2020: Revised document for agenda item 8 uploaded
08.14.2020: Governance Task Force Proposals video posted
08.14.2020: Annual Report Posted
08.15.2020: Revised Nominating Committee Motion posted
08.15.2020: Day 1 of Meeting video posted
08.16.2020: Day 2 of Meeting videos (two parts) posted
08.25.2020: Candidate Profiles for Nominating Committee Posted
09.27.2020: Nominating Committee Election Report Posted


Nominating Committee Election Report


Candidate Profiles for Delegate-Appointed Nominating Committee Members:



I. Agenda
II. Delegate's Welcome Packet
III. Publications
IV. Bulletin Links
V. Zoom Training and Town Hall Meeting Schedule
VI: Staff Reports


I. Agenda

Agenda for Special Delegates Meeting
August 15-16, 2020
12 Noon - 5 PM EDT (both days)

  1. Ask for a report from the conflict of interest committee and act on any reported conflicts
  2. Adopt Robert’s Rules for electronic meeting 
  3. Motion for the delegates to consent to the cancellation of the US Open and annual meetings (Delegates & Members) that are required by the bylaws
  4. Re-elect Delegates-at-Large
  5. Certify Executive Board election results
  6. Consent Calendar
    1. Approval of parliamentarian (Nominate Ken Ballou)
    2. Approval of promotional memberships
    3. Approval of the 2019 Delegates Meeting Minutes
    4. Approval of report on the Professional Players Health and Benefit Fund
  7. Approve the Budget
  8. Bylaws changes related to membership categories, dues and publications
            Financial Analysis of item 8
  9. Chapter 10 rules approval (online play task force)
  10. Bylaws change related to EB membership structure (governance task force)
  11. Trustee and financial management committee members indemnification policy
  12. Nominations Committee
    1. Formation (governance task force)
    2. Bylaws Change for Election Committee
  13. Voting by committee on Delegate appointed committees
    1. Audit
    2. Election
    3. Bylaws
    4. Ethics
    5. Nominations (if created)
  14. Approval of LMA Trustees
  15. Final Items
    1. Thanks
    2. Presentation to Outgoing EB Members
    3. Installation of New EB Members
  16. Adjournment

*Thanks - scrolling PowerPoint (Harold’s motion)
*Awards Presentation via PowerPoint
**In passing presentation via PowerPoint


II. Delegate's Welcome Packet

Click here for the Delegate's Welcome Packet

III. Publications

Special Delegates Bulletin:

Full Resolutionhttps://new.uschess.org/sites/default/files/media/documents/special-delegates-meeting-bulletin.pdf

Low Resolution: https://new.uschess.org/sites/default/files/media/documents/special-delegates-meeting-bulletin-low-resolution.pdf

Annual Reporthttps://new.uschess.org/sites/default/files/media/documents/us-chess-2020-annual-report.pdf

IV. Links From Special Delegates Bulletin

The following items are all in the Special Delegates Bulletin, which took the place of the traditional Delegates Call. We provide them here for your convenience.

Executive Board Motions and Appendices: 

Go to http://www.uschess.org/content/view/7437/189/ and click the first link on this page, 2019-2020 Executive Board Motions, for the most current motion file that includes all appendices.



Appendix A

US Chess Committees and Liaisons

Go to http://www.uschess.org/content/view/7437/189/ and click the first link, 2019-2020 Executive Board Motions, for the most current motion file that includes this appendix.


Appendix B

Safe Play Guidelines



Appendix C

Scholastic Regulations



Appendix D

Endowment Fund

A copy of the Endowment Fund IPS can be requested from Click here to show email address


Appendix E

Pan Am Rules



Appendix F

Scholastic National Invitational Requirements



Appendix G

Temporary Rules Suspensions



Appendix H



Appendix I

Online Play Task Force Charter

Go to http://www.uschess.org/content/view/7437/189/ and click the first link, 2019-2020 Executive Board Motions, for the most current motion file that includes this appendix.


Code of Ethics



Committee Chairs, Liaisons, and Members






Compliance Report



Conflict of Interest






Robert's Rules for Online Meetings



Robert's Rules (US Chess long form)


V. Zoom Training and Town Hall Meetings

All times at 8 pm EDT, unless noted otherwise

July 16 –  Zoom training: https://youtu.be/JrqLNk4n9xY

July 21 – Budget, Membership Proposal, Indemnification: https://youtu.be/SZnrVEX02R4

July 23 – Chapter 10 of Rulebook: https://youtu.be/HXPfWGRvjbc

July 27 –  Zoom training: https://youtu.be/qzaVdyUnhWA

July 28 – GTF Proposals: https://youtu.be/pWYbsTwQnzs

August 5 – Scholastic Town Hall Meeting:


August 9 - Budget, Membership Proposal, Indemnification 4 pm EDT


August 11 – Chapter 10 of Rulebook


August 12 – Zoom training


August 13 – GTF Proposals


VI. Staff Reports

Executive Director

Senior Director of Strategic Communication

Director of Events

Director of Development