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Click here to download the instructions for registering and taking the CORE course.

Click here to download the instructions for taking the REFRESHER course.

Quick Start Guide


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Q: Which Course do I take?

A: After following the directions to create your account using your individual membership ID# in the field labeled “Organization Member ID” and logging in to your account, you will see this landing page:


course photo 1


Scroll down until you see these Courses:


course photo 2


Scroll right using the arrow to the right and select the second to last course called SafeSport Trained – Not Affiliated – FFS:


course photo 3


The image above the course name calls it SafeSport Trained Core (although it is covered up somewhat by the number 1). You should see a price in blue with a shopping cart. That is the one you should purchase.

Q: Do I need an Enrollment Key, and if so what is it?

A: If you are only purchasing the course for yourself to take, you will not need an Enrollment Key. Enrollment Keys are used by organizations purchasing multiple SafeSport Trained Core courses so they can disseminate to those they want to take the course.


Some important information about the training:

  • The training is general, intended for many types of organizations
  • The training is very focused on youth but the principles are generalizable for people of all ages
  • Safe Play complaints in the chess community can be submitted via Click here to show email addressSafe Play misconduct form, or by calling 800.903.8723, extension 8. They are not submitted to the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

Please click here for more information about US Chess SafePlay Training, including our FAQs.

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