Sharon McClure

Sharon McClure
Staff Bio

Sharon started with US Chess in late 2016. Previous to US Chess, she worked for 23 years as the Administrative Assistant for a United Methodist Church in Deleware. "I worked with many pastors through the years and alongside many wonderful volunteers which enabled me to fulfill my love of helping others. I also taught Sunday School while my two children were growing up which allowed me to use my creativeness to design lessons including projects. We worked on many 'giving back' projects, such as, writing letters to shut-ins and gathering food and toiletries for those in need."

Previous to this, Sharon worked in the various Delaware courts.  One particularly interesting position was working for the court reporters for the Court of Chancery where she learned how to read and type the transcripts from the notes they typed on their stenotype machines in the courtroom of the proceedings.

In preparation for our future retirement, Sharon and her husband moved to Tennessee to be closer to one of their daughters.  She loves gardening and spending time with her girls and their families and fur-babies. Her favorite thing about chess? Tongue firmly in cheek, she replies, “The horsey piece!" But more seriously, she says, "I love the fact that chess helps in so many ways for all ages."


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