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Why do I have to set up a web login?

US Chess provides a lot of information to its members through an individualized account that allows you control of your member record. The web login gives you access to your member information.


I already have a web login for the old site (the Member Services Area, or MSA). Why do I need to create a new one?

US Chess launched a new membership system in July 2020. That change negated your old login and PIN number and requires that you set up a new account to access your member benefits, preferences and manage your member information. If you set up an online account since July 2020, you can request your login and password information through the Reset Password button on the Member Site Login Page.


I am a new member and have set up my web login. Where is my US Chess ID number?

Using the US Chess online membership system requires a 2-step process: 

Step 1 - create a online account login

Step 2 - purchase a  membership

Once your login has been set up AND you are logged in, you will be able to purchase your membership and get your US Chess ID assigned. At that time, you can begin playing in rated tournaments, accessing our digital or print magazines, and participating in all the activities offered by US Chess to its members.


I am a parent. How do I set up user accounts for my child(ren) so I can control the accounts for them?

For each US Chess member, a separate user account must be created. Each user account must have its own unique email address linked to it.


What do I do if I cannot find my old US Chess ID number?

If you cannot locate your old US Chess ID number, click here to search MSA. Remember that there are a lot of people who share the same name so please be sure that any record you choose as your own is really yours!  If you do not locate your old record, stop there and please contact our membership team at membership@uschess.org

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