Matt Monta

Matt Monta
Staff Bio

Matt is a communications professional with a wide range of experience in state government and the non-profit sector. Throughout his career, he has shared stories through photography, music, video, voiceover, trade shows and displays, and of course, the written word.

He learned to play chess as a child, but didn’t take it too seriously until the end of 2019, when a longtime flicker of interest grew into a fiery passion. He started weekly lessons, read every issue of Chess Life, and even competed in his first rated over-the-board tournaments in 2021.

Through his commitment to learning and understanding the game and its surrounding history and culture, Matt believes chess is a true microcosm of life whose lessons can be applied to any pursuit, material or spiritual. “Anyone can play and everyone can learn,” he said. “From logic and planning to practicing patience to accepting and overcoming loss graciously-- chess is an endless fount of inspiration.”

Outside of work, Matt is a musician, singer-songwriter, and performer who has released several albums and appeared on many others. He plays a Gibson J-45 and a 1985 Telecaster ’62 Reissue. Matt currently lives in Richmond, VA with his wife Kristina, who knows how to play chess, and their 9-pound tabby Sophie, who refuses to learn.

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