Judy Misner

Judy Misner
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Judy will reach her 50th anniversary with US Chess on October 12, 2020! You don’t stay involved in the game this long, watching us grow from 1,000 to over 90,000, without developing some insights: “I like the fact that chess can be rewarding on so many levels. You can take the game seriously or you can just have tons of fun by just playing the game. It makes me think about each move that I make—some are great and some not so great. However the process, I believe it’s what helps me to look at other issues of my life and makes it easier to plan better. By looking at a problem and breaking it down almost like one move at a time, it usually helps to make the particular problem not so overwhelming. We taught chess to a friend of ours who had many health challenges that we met in the local nursing home. We would play chess every Saturday for four years until he passed. It was truly amazing how the whole experience had positive results for him, not only for mental stimulation, but also physically. The nursing home facility noticed the difference and made sure that there were chess sets available in the recreation room as they found out that many of the residents did enjoy playing the game. So it’s not a win/loss or draw, it’s a win/win for everyone.” Outside of chess, she used to go to stock car races every Saturday night, but now enjoys staying home and watching races on TV along with reruns of the old shows she watched growing up.


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