Top American Stars Including Yu, Krush, Ramirez and "Fed" Register for Blitzing COVID

Many top stars have joined a growing roster of titled players for May 30th's Blitzing for COVID event, blitz and rapid events on to benefit US Chess. Since our last article, Hall of Famer, Grandmaster John Fedorowicz, as well as American GMs Josh Friedel, Alejandro Ramirez and Cristian Chirila are joining the party. US Women's Champion Jennifer Yu is playing, as well as seven-time US Women's Champion Irina Krush, four-time champion IM Anna Zatonskih and our most recent Ladies Knight guest, IM Carissa Yip.

WFM Alexandra Botez, who recently broke 100,000 twitch followers during a US"> Chess Women fundraiser match will also be participating and supporting the event. The top seed of the event is former World Junior Champion, Grandmaster Jeffery Xiong, whose participation was announced in last week's article.  Grab your chance to play amongst our top stars by donating $35 or more at this link, and then signing up for the club here.Be sure to include your name in the appropriate field on the donation link. Generously sponsored by AIE to benefit the US Chess Federation, the event will feature a $1700 prize fund including $400 in women’s prizes and $200 in best game prizes. Minimum donation is waived for Grandmasters. Schedule 1 PM EDT: Blitz Tournament (nine rounds of 3 minutes with 2 second increment) 3 PM EDT: Rapid Tournament (five rounds of 10 minutes with a 2 second increment) Prizes: Each event will feature $900 in prizes.  BLITZ/RAPID  1st-3rd: $200/ $100/$50 Top U2200 $50 Top U2000 $50 Top U1500 $50 Top U1000 $50 Best Game: $100


The event will be streamed live on twitch with commentary from GM Daniel Naroditsky, WGM Jen Shahade and North Carolina K-8 State Champion Donald Johnson. Quick Links:  General information: Initial CLO announcement: Donate/Register: Club join: List of Donors: Updated Titled Player Roster Twitch channel:


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[…] Jen Yu and Alexandra Botez are among over 20 titled players signed up for Blitzing COVID on May 30. Find out how YOU can join here.  […]

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For an online tournament like this, why one of the commentators is barely at expert rating?

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Greetings Sir Rob... gee whiz...You cannot be serious... SHE HAS public relations MEGA million dollar chess sponsor promo value with her FABULOUS DEEPLY APPRECIATED 100,000 plus just audited subscribers.That is for starters.She has "the it" factor/ the magic worldwide.( have the gentlemen vote!!)She also, believe me, does not need our permission..especially your permission. She is world famous jack/A CHESS SPONSOR MAGNET.....An ideal chess celebrity host, nifty , like no other...PERIOD. Jude Acers/ New Orleans

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Thanks, Jude. Well said. And all that aside it’s also ridiculous to assume that commentators are supposed to be as good as the players. Imagine if people complained about the football talent of NFL commentators it’s absolutely ridiculous.

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After donating, there is a link listed to register. But the link is broken.

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I'll check on that! This link should work:

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for those VERY welcome newcomers of 9 million games just PLAYED IN ONE SINGLE DAY on CHESS.COM WEB SITE..…. readers new to chess RE:...#1 SEED Mr. Jeffrey Xiong … class chess grandmaster from Texas..FINISHED AHEAD OF TEAM USA ENTIRE AMERICAN SUPER GM FIELD ... CARUANA /NAKAMURA/ ETC IN FIDE 150 NATION WORLD FIDE CHESS CUP...HAS EXTREME THEORETICAL CURIOSITY/INVESTIGATES MATTERS PROMPTLY.... red hot man- with- a -plan teenager with a truly wild child enthusiastic cheerleading family in tow to boot …. MR. XIONG was world top 10 fide cup finalist 2019.Only the beginning, Jude Acers/ New Orleans

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Will these games be USCF rated?

In reply to by Eric Arnold (not verified)

No. Good luck if you're playing!

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