Pal Benko to US Olympic Team: Congrats and Compose!

Grandmaster and composer Pal Benko presents some problems in honor of the US Team’s historic gold medal victory in Baku last month.

US Chess Team Olympic 1.

1) U

White to move. Mate in 3.

2) S

White to move. Mate in 2.

3) C

White to move. Mate in 3.

4) T

White to move. Mate in 3.

5) O

White to move. Mate in 3.

6) 1

White to move. Mate in 2.

Also see Vanessa West’s tactics article on Baku and GM Alejandro Ramirez’s wrap-up from the scene. 

For more by Benko, see his most recent US Chess articles on Back to School and Independence Day themed problems.


  1. Excellent problems and always a great pleasure to work through! GM Benko is one of the most important endgame and problem composers of contemporary chess. I hope that a complete collection of all of his composed problems will one day be published! I am sharing these mate in 2 and 3 problems with others! Michael Ciamarra

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