Blitzing COVID Starts May 30th: New GMs and Prizes Announced

Blitzing COVID, a benefit for US Chess generously sponsored by AIE, begins on May 30th, Saturday at 1 EDT. The events, which you can enter with a donation of $35 or more kick off with a nine round blitz tournament and will be followed at 3 EDT by a five round rapid tournament. Many of the top Grandmasters in the country have signed up including top seed GM Jeffery Xiong, reigning US Women's Champion Jennifer Yu and Grandmaster Irina Krush, who was just featured in the New York Times.     Since our last update, bullet legend Grandmaster Andrew Tang has joined the "Blitzing COVID" group, as well as IMs Christopher Yoo , Greg Shahade, WGM Anjelina Belakovskaia and Grandmaster Gadir Guseinov. Find a roster of the titled players here. More breaking news: WFM Alexandra Botez, who hosts Saturday BotezLive fundraisers in conjunction with US Chess Women will play in Blitzing COVID this week, and support the event with $500 in top streamer clips, which will bring the previously announced prize pool of $1700 to more than $2000. Players can clip the funniest and most sensational moments from their streams for consideration to win three "top streamer clip" prizes of 1.$250, 2. $150 and 3. $100. (Link to application form coming soon.)

Alexandra Botez, Courtesy Botez

Blitzing COVID is generously sponsored by AIE to benefit the US Chess Federation.  The minimum donation of $35 is waived for Grandmasters. Schedule 1 PM EDT: Blitz Tournament (nine rounds of 3 minutes with 2 second increment) 3 PM EDT: Rapid Tournament (five rounds of 10 minutes with a 2 second increment) Where: Event urls: Blitz event - Rapid event - The events will appear in the lobby of "Live Chess" an hour prior to the start time. Your donation of $35 allows you to play in either OR both events. Prizes: Each event will feature $850 in prizes.  BLITZ/RAPID  1st-3rd: $200/ $100/$50 Top U2200 $50 Top U2000 $50 Top U1500 $50 Top U1000 $50 Best Game: $100


The event will be streamed live on twitch with commentary from GM Daniel Naroditsky, WGM Jen Shahade and North Carolina K-8 State Champion Donald Johnson. Quick Links:  General information: Initial CLO announcement: Donate/Register: Club join: List of Donors: Updated Titled Player Roster Twitch channel: Roster of Confirmed Titled Players:  GM Jeffery Xiong WGM Sabina Foisor GM Elshan Moradiabadi GM Aleksander Lenderman GM Tanguy Ringoir GM John Fedorowicz IM/WGM Anna Zatonskih GM Josh Friedel IM Carissa Yip WGM US Women’s Champion Jennifer Yu WGM Anjelina Belakovskaia IM Christopher Woojin Yoo IM Jay Bonin GM Irina Krush GM Alejandro Ramirez WFM Alexandra Botez IM Justin Wang GM Grigory Oparin GM Steven Zierk IM Greg Shahade IM Justin Sarkar Flyer:

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