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MSA Results


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Pairings:  SeniorsHaringRockefeller, Denker, Barber

Standings: SeniorsHaring, Rockefeller, Denker, BarberWeeramantry (2200+), Weeramantry (1600-2199), Weeramantry (U1600)

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Shelby Getz, 2019 Champion


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Representing 41 states (and DC) in it's very first year, the National Senior Tournament of Champions made an admirable addition to the prestigious Denker, Barber, and National Girl's tournaments. The NSTOC’s first annual event took place July 28-31, 2018 alongside the U.S. Open at the Madison Marriott West in Middleton, WI. The average rating of the 42 players going into this year's tournament was well over 2,000 and included four Grandmasters: Alexander Fishbein (New Jersey), Alonso Zapata (Georgia), Enrico Sevillano (Southern California), and Michael Rohde (New York). At the end of six rounds, GM Alexander Fishbein (NJ) and GM Alonso Zapata (GA) both finished 5.0/6 with GM Alexander winning by tiebreak. GM Alonso Zapata (GA) won second place. FM Karl Dehmelt (PA), GM Michael Rohde (NY), and GM Enrico Sevillano (CA-S) all scored 4.5/6 each thereby finishing 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively. The Top Senior Prize (+75) went to NM Klaus Pohl (SC).

Plaque awards went to the best players by age group: Stuart A. Varden (MD) - U90; NM Sergey Berchenko (OH) - U80; NM Wilson Gibbins (MN) - U70; NM Tony Davis (AR) U60.

Upset Prizes were as follows: Upset Rd. 1 - Bryan Lilly (WI) $50 certificate, Upset Rd. 2 - Ramon Tagorda (LA) $50 certificate, Upset Rd. 3 - Kenneth Sloan (AL) $50 certificate, Upset Rd. 4 - Keith Prosterman (NE) $50 certificate, Upset Rd. 5 - Ignacio Perez (WA) $50 certificate, Upset Rd. 6 Michael Presutti (ID) $50 certificate.


Irwin Alumni List

First Name Last Name State Year
Kevin Apper LA 2019
Joseph Baker WV 2020
Yury Barnakov AL 2020
Allen Becker WI 2019-20
Sergey Berchenko FL 2018-20
Peter Bereolos TN 2018
Lennart Bjorksten OR 2019
David Blair SC 2019
Ronald Burnett TN 2019-21
Kyle Camarda KS 2020
Michael Carey RI 2018-21
Jay Carr IN 2021
David Carter VT 2020
Alan Casden OH 2021
Wayne Christensen SC 2020
Eric Cooke FL 2018, 2020
Kevin Cotreau NH 2021
M Covington OK 2018
Dennis Cummings AR 2020
Peter Cuneo NM 2020
Tony Davis AR 2018
Karl Dehmelt PA 2018
Christopher Dooley OK 2019
John Dowling AZ 2020
Doug Eckert MO 2020-21
Steve Elkins AR 2021
Tegshsuren Enkhbat MD 2021
John Farrell VA 2021
John Fedorowicz NY 2019, 2021
Roberto Ferreiro FL 2021
Benjamin Finegold GA 2021
Alexander Fishbein TN 2018, 2020
David Franklin IL 2019-20
J Kevin French KY 2018-21
James Fuller WV 2021
Edward Garner WV 2018-19
Shelby Getz MD 2019
Wilson Gibbins OR 2018-21
Mark Ginsburg AZ 2019, 2021
Robert Graham PA 2020
Carl Haessler OR 2018
James Hargrove LA 2021
Richard Hobbs MT 2019-21
James Hodina IA 2018
Grant Hodson UT 2021
Shawn Hoshall VA 2019
Mark Hulsey OK 2018, 2021
Stephen Hunter AK 2020
Daniel Joelson WY 2019-21
Thomas Johansen UT 2019
Zvonko Juric IA 2019
Lawrence Kaufman MD 2020
Michael Kenny CA 2018
Igor Khmelnitsky PA 2021
Mikhail Koganov CT 2018-19, 2021
Sergey Kudrin CT 2020
Mary Kuhner WA 2020
Mike La Budde WI 2021
Ariel Levi MI 2021
Bryan Lilly WI 2018
C Scott Look NE 2019-20
Todd Lunna NJ 2019
Thomas Magar PA 2019
Ernesto Malazarte TX 2019
William Marcelino VA 2018, 2020
Gregory Markzon NJ 2021
Alexander Matros SC 2021
Tim Mcentee IA 2021
Tim Mcentee IA 2020-21
David Mckee NH 2018-19
Charles Meidinger AL 2019
James Mills IN 2018
Alaa-Addin Moussa CA 2018-21
Michael Mulford MO 2018-19
Damian Nash HI 2020
Davide Nastasio GA 2019
Anthony Nichols MI 2020
Ignacio Perez WA 2018, 2021
Steve Perry MS 2020
Rene Phillips LA 2020
Klaus Pohl SC 2018-19
Adam Porth ID 2021
Michael Presutti ID 2018-20
Keith Prosterman NE 2018
Vijay Raghavan WI 2018
Bradley Rogers MI 2019
Michael Rohde NY 2018, 2020
Douglas Root TX 2021
Marc Rotenberg DC 2018, 2020
Daryl Rothchild ND 2018
J Timothy Sage MA 2018-21
Joshua Samuel CO 2021
William Schill WA 2019
Patrick Sciacca NC 2021
Enrico Sevillano CA 2018-20
Daaim Shabazz FL 2019
David Sherman DC 2021
Kenneth Sloan AL 2018, 2021
John Smithwick NC 2018-19
Vasantha Soori ND 2019
Gregg Stanley TX 2018
Steven Szpisjak IL 2018, 2021
Ramon Tagorda LA 2018
John Timmel NC 2020
Nels Truelson SD 2018-19
Shawn Turner UT 2018
Stuart Varden MD 2018
Christian Vierhuff AK 2019
Daniel Voje MN 2021
Daniel Voje MN 2020
Larry Weston AR 2019
Elliott Winslow CA 2021
Elliott Winslow CA 2020
Elliott Winslow CA 2019-21
Constantine Xanthos FL 2019
Alonso Zapata GA 2018, 2020
Hongbiao Zeng KS 2018


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