Danielle Little Hired as Program Coordinator

Danielle Little

US Chess is pleased to announce that Danielle Little has been hired as our Program Coordinator supporting the Women’s and At-Risk Youth Programs. She is working part-time and can be reached at danielle.little@uschess.org.


Welcome to the real world!    Believe......I  simply could not believe my eyes.After  one half century US Chess finally gets it. Move heaven and earth to get Danielle Little in there full time.                                      .And HYBRID internet  chess now allows 190 fide world chess nations to play world rated official grandmaster qualifier events at every playground, recreation center .gymnasium ,library...no more airplanes, no more hotels and no more  chess for the rich only ...everyone gets to play right now under  strictly supervised internet with triple camera "NAKAMURA FORMULA' ON EVERY CHESS BOARD  permitting extra security protocol for grandmaster qualifier events.                                                                                        The US championship must qualify one participant from every US state immediately.(Unhhh huhh!!) our feisty survivor/ 2 time Louisiana state chess   MR. NICK MATTA WHO JUST PICKED UP A COOL 2500  undefeated in Las Vegas..gets to play in the monster US 50 STATE INTERNET HYBRID NATIONAL  CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIER....... no more elitist  "them that has gets "nonsense...we must allow the top 50 players in the nation to automaticly qualify to play in fierce US CHESS QUALIFIERS via strictly supervised internet and do this right now....with 16 finalists.playing live and in person in fierce two games a day elimination matches  .                                                                                 .Do not even hold the  US national chess championship tourney if one player from all 50 states via  savage strictly supervised internet preliminary competition is not possible. And all children in Danielle Little programs get the thrill of the chase..get to play the whole world in free rated internet play...every kid who has nothiing is ......STUNNED TO GET A US .CHESS FIRST  BEGINNER ONLINE  RATING he/she can pop  it up on a screen at a library  and ..... oh mama!!   while you are at it TOSS IN A FREE FIRST  childrens RATING CARD FOR MR DVORKOVIC'S FABULOUS WORLD CHESS FEDERATION GLOBAL NETWORK..  Make no mistake    THE US CHESS FEDERATION  all by itself IS THE BILLION DOLLAR FUTURE OF CHESS... It will be the choo engine that could that has been going to little towns and rating tournaments   in your little school for 70 years. .............................................................................................In a 64 year year chess roadrunner career all over this  AWESOME NATION...I really  know what time it is.  Like no other I know awesome  great chess promotion when I see it. THIS IS IT FRIENDS NEIGHBORS AND COUnTRYMEN. ...GET ON THE TRAIN.                                                                                                                                                               Jude Acers/ New Orleans 

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