Update Regarding FIDE Hybrid Events

(Update as of 5/10/2023) Effective immediately, any FIDE-rated hybrid events registered do not have the endorsement of the National Federation Zonal 2.1 USA to be used as a playing venue.

~Approved by the US Chess Executive Board by a vote of 8-0.


The following motion was passed by the US Chess Executive Board Tuesday evening:

"The Executive Board moves that, effective November 9, 2022, any new FIDE hybrid events (e.g., online tournaments with Arbiters present at all playing locations) held under the jurisdiction of FIDE Zone 2.1 (USA) will not be registered with FIDE. Further, any rating reports or title norms arising from such events shall not be submitted by US Chess to FIDE for rating and the games shall not be rated by US Chess except as online play.

For a hybrid-style event to be rated as online play by US Chess, all directors must be certified by US Chess.

Further, the Executive Board moves that the US Chess FIDE Events Committee and Rules Committee collaborate before the 2023 Delegates Meeting to develop an appropriate rule to cover this situation."


A FIDE Hybrid event is where a tournament is being held in multiple locations with 1 chief arbiter, 1 chief organizer and several local chief arbiters and local technical arbiter to supervise play. For full details, please see https://rcc.fide.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/FideOnlineChessRegulati…

This motion simply states that FIDE Hybrid events will not be registered with the USA, nor will FIDE rating reports be submitted. Organizers of these events will need to seek other FIDE Federations to register and run the hybrid event.

Online US Chess rated tournaments are still allowed to be held; these tournaments will affect a player's USCF Online ratings (online regular, online quick, and/or online blitz depending on the time control.)

Brian Yang
US Chess FIDE Events Manager

The rationale for this is to prevent abuse of the Hybrid Event format. We cannot be more specific at this time due to at least one Ethics case that is in progress.

As the motion passed by the Executive Board notes, we want to overcome this restriction, but it will require putting in place some pre-event measures that mitigate the potential for the kind of abuse we are seeing. As an organization, we do not have to wait until the Delegates Meeting to update/remove the restriction, as the EB has the authority to enact temporary measures until such time as they are adopted by the Delegates.  But doing so will require development and implementation of mitigation measures. The FIDE Events committee has the lead on this.

Good chess ... Mike Hoffpauir, Member, US Chess Executive Board

??? Mr. Hoffpauir please in plain english...what is going on? We cannot know why thousands of people cannot play via Hybrid chess for fide international rating /international chess titles and US chess rating as well in these events even with problems to overcome ..in all 50 US states right now.? Is the world going to stop for us? World chess fide rated tourneys right now in one's own local center are a must. No more airplanes or hotel bills ever... WORLD RATED CHESS RIGHT NOW FOR EVERYONE FOR EVERY CHESS CLUB IN THE NATION..and every school child. The more chess tournaments played the better, Jude Acers/ New Orleans

Jude, sorry ... but there is an Ethics case in progress and, at present, we don't have a viable process in place to prevent the incident that has occurred. Sorry we can't tell you more, my New Orleans brother.

Mr. Hoffpauir please in plain english...what is going on?
I see several Hybrid tournament tables from January, have they resumed again?

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