Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Luciana Morales

Luciana Morales, Photo by Karen Loza
Luciana Morales, Photo by Karen Loza


Jennifer welcomes Women’s International Master Luciana Morales to Ladies Knight. Luciana is a three-time Continental Champion, the first Peruvian woman to qualify for the Women’s World Champs and an Olympian captain and player.

Now hailing from Brownsville, Texas, Luciana works for chessable, where she was recently promoted to Classroom Manager. She goes by “Mom’s Gambit” on social media, where she explores balancing her passion for chess for her new role as a mother.


Luciana is a passionate advocate for empowering youth and bringing more girls and women into the game. Bringing this vision to life has taken her all over the World from Mexico to Spain to the US Chess Girls Club in Memphis, TN.

Luciana Morales, , Devina Devagharan and Jen Shahade at the Memphis Nationals


Follow Luciana on twitter and Instagram, and look for her upcoming course on chessable in early 2023.

Ladies Knight features music by the artist Juga.  

Ladies Knight is the proud recipient of two Chess Journalist of the Year Awards in 2022, including Best Podcast, and Best Episode, with Anastasiya Rakhmangulova

“Ladies Knight” is a monthly US Chess podcast hosted by WGM Jennifer Shahade, two-time US Women’s Chess Champion, featuring female chess champions and leaders. Jennifer Shahade is the Women’s Program director at US Chess. Find out more about the program and the Women’s Initiative at, where you can make a donation.

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