September 2022 Issue of Chess Life Now Available

The September 2022 issue of Chess Life is now available.

Chess Life September 2022

This month’s issue contains our complete coverage of the 2022 FIDE Candidates Tournament, with in-depth analysis and annotations of all the critical moments, courtesy of GM Jacob Aagaard.

Plus, highlights from the World Open, the National Open, and the 2022 National Elementary (K-6) Championship!

Please note: Due to production delays, the September issue is scheduled to be in your mailbox at the end of the month. Our apologies for the disruption in our normal delivery schedule. We are hopeful that the in-home delivery date for September will improve, and we expect to be closer to normal delivery with October.

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Joel in his September 2022 endgame column quoted the great Yakov Yuchtman "out of context." He, if I remember correctly, was "explaining" to some kid (Joel himself? <shrug>) that the key to knight endings, like pawn endings, was Zugzwang. Or, as he put it, "Knight game like King game -- king go bingo." (Bingo=ZZ)

The followup suggestion can not be printed here.

=Elliott Winslow

(PS: Has Joel told the story of his adjourned ending with Korchnoi?)

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