The 2021 U.S. Open: It's On!

2021 U.S. Open

US Chess is pleased to announce that the 121st U.S. Open will take place in Cherry Hill, New Jersey as scheduled: July 31-August 8, 2021. For full event details, please click here. 

This announcement is possible because of the lifting of COVID restrictions in New Jersey.  The US Chess Executive Board announced the following, which passed by a 7-0 vote on May 27:

The Executive Board moves to implement the following mask policy during the US Open. 

In consideration of the potential for vaccinated and unvaccinated players at the US Open, the US Chess Executive Board directs the US Chess Events staff to implement a required mask policy for all participants in the the US Open chess tournament and its related activities taking place between July 31-August 8, 2021. This mask policy applies to all sanctioned games, skittles room, side events, bookstore and other activities, such as when interacting with chess control or the registration desk.

This policy does not apply to the US Chess governance activities co-located with the US Open during August 4-8, 2021 because the participants in governance activities are all eligible to be vaccinated and presumed to have been so. Individuals may elect to wear a mask at any time during the governance meetings. 

This policy is subject to review and change based on updates to the CDC's guidelines and any federal, state, local or hotel policies.

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Kindly explain why unranked players who can win only 800 in the tournament are required to pay the same entry fee as those who can win 8000? How do you expect new players into the tournament when you have such a major disparaging incentinve?Respectfully, Mr. Anagnos

Your post is incorrect on several levels. 

The top overall prizes listed in the US Open prize fund are available to any player at the US Open, provided that player finishes in one of those top positions.  So, an "unranked" player, as you put it, could win the $8,000 first prize.  Of course, lower rated players are not generally going to finish highly enough in an open event to win a top prize.  So, there are also class prizes available, where only players in those classes can win those prizes. 

In the case of unrated players, they can win any of the prizes listed for unrated players.  However, that does NOT mean they cannot win an overall prize instead.  Put another way, an unrated player actually has a shot at one of the top overall prizes or one of the unrated class prizes, whereas players rated 2400+ can only win one of those top prizes.

The question of whether a new player should pick an event such as the US Open for their first tournament experience is completely separate, and is a matter for such individuals to consider for themselves. 

Thank you for the enlightenment.. For someone who has never really entered a tournament before; not only as prestigious as the U. S. Open but dealing with varying terminology; there is a slight ambiguity in reading the prize amounts which you have clarified... I think mentioning that regardless of ranking top prizes are open to all would eliminate any misunderstanding for novice entrants like myself... Respectfully, Mr. Anagnos P.S. I will now enter & may the best player win

Why are participants in governance presumed to have been vaccinated? There are COVID and vaccine deniers at various local levels of US Chess governance if not at the national level, as there are in the general population. Has everyone been asked to attest to their vaccination status?

I would recommend checking New Jersey law on that. I'm sure it is most likely going to be proof of vaccination or you wear a mask.

Is there any web site where we can see the round-by-round results for the US Open, or see any of the games live?

The links are in the Quick Links at the bottom of the story. They will be at the bottom of all our U.S. Open coverage.

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