Registered Voters

Voting members participate in the election of our Executive Board. This is a dynamic list representing current US Chess voting members. It is not intended to represent the registered voters who will receive a ballot for the election of a specific year.

To receive a ballot for a given year’s election, the cutoff to register is May 1 of the year of the election and you need to be a member on May 5 of that year. However, the ability to register to vote for future elections remains open. If you register from May 2 onward, you will not be able to vote in that year’s election, but your name will appear on this list and you will be able to vote in the following year’s election provided that you keep your membership current.

To learn more about being a voting member, click here.

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Name (Member ID) USCF State
D'Aquin, Leila A (14194534) LA
D'ERAMO, PATSY A (10139724) MD
Dale, Luke Jordan (30594416) WA
Daly, Sean Nicholas (31880339) NJ
DAMEY, MICHAEL A (11509673) NC
Danko, Steven (12659823) NY
DANN, STEPHEN A (10005965) MA
DAS, ANUP (30149543) PA
Das, Joshua (31324315) CA-N
Das, Manmohan (12664593) MI
Dau, Kent A (31209884) IA
DAVEN, JEFF (12460144) WI
Davidson, Kevin (14214915) AZ
DAVIES, JAMES A (10363209) MO
Davis, Bruce R (10153743) PA
DAVIS, CHARLES R (12561407) TX
Davis, Dee (30071047) UT
Davis, Francine K (10015308) MA
Davis, Heath A (31437159) MN
DAVIS, JAMES I (14558600) IL
Davis, Jeffrey Stuart (14823963) OH
DAVIS, JIMMY F (10403499) TX
Davis, Larry (10042542) NJ
Davis, Patrick Andrew (31212068) FL
Davis, Robert H (30123770) CA-S
DAVIS, THOMAS W (11345344) IL
DAVIS, WILLIAM E (12685818) OH
Dawes, Charles Henry (13688387) CA-S
Dawkins, Benjamin (31912117) SC
Dawley, Dennis W (10108730) SC
DAWSON, DAVID A (10509491) RI
Dawson, Ian (31297848) WA