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Quads at Christ Episcopal

Little Rock, Arkansas
Nicholas Jaeger
Christ Episcopal Church, 509 Scott Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 TD: Nicholas Jaeger Contact Info: 8706886423 arkansaschess@gmail.com Time...

Saturday Skirmishes

Van Buren, Arkansas
Kirk Petty
SATURDAY SKIRMISHES EVERY SECOND SATURDAY STARTING MAY 6 2023 The Main Place Chess Club will start Saturday meetings for the purpose of regular rated...

2023 Scarlet Chess Club Monthly Quads

Jonesboro, Arkansas
Scarlet Chess Club
Third Saturday of each month! 3 rounds, G30+10 round robin quads Starbucks Lounge (2nd floor) Reng Student Union, Arkansas State University, 101 N...

2023 SCC Fall Frenzy

Jonesboro, Arkansas
Scarlet Chess Club
The A-State Scarlet Chess Club's Fall tournament for the 2023-24 school year. Time control G/45+10. The event location will be in the Spring River...