Tri-Valley July Open (Youth and Adults, unrated and rated up to 1500)

Mathnasium Pleasanton

Event Overview

Emerald Hills Chess and the Tri-Valley Chess League present the Tri-Valley July Open, for K-12 players of all levels as well as adults!

Beat the summer heat with our low-cost monthly tournament, which attract an average of nearly 100 players, from after-school chess club members trying out their first tournament to high-performance and nationally-age-ranked competitors.

Flex your chess skills over-the-board, boost your rating, win trophies and have fun!


Date: Sat July 13th, 2024 

Location: Mathnasium Pleasanton, 915 Main St., #D (see map)

Morning Sections (9-12 Noon)

1) K-12 Rated Challenger - for unrated and U400 players; $15 by Tu July 9th, $20 afterward ($20 US Chess Federation junior membership required)  

2) K-12 Unrated Novices - for unrated first-time tournament players only; $10 by July 9th, $15 afterward (NO USCF membership required)

3) Unrated Adults Section - for all players over-21 (Adults may also enter the rated afternoon Championship and Premier sections) $10 by July 9th, $15 afterward (NO USCF membership required)

Rated Afternoon Open (all ages) Sections (12-4 PM) Check current USCF rating and membership status

1) Championship - 800+ rating, open to youth and adults - $25 by Tu July 9th, $30 afterward (USCF membership required) 

2) Premier - 400-800 rating, also open to all ages - $25 by Tu July 9th, $30 afterward (USCF membership required)

Wells Middle School and Valley View Elementary tournament players in any section will automatically receive new or renewed USCF memberships. 



Rated sections (Championship/Premier/Challenger) - 4 round Swiss using time control of Game in 25 minutes with 5 second delay. 

Unrated sections (Novices and Morning Adults) - 5-round round-robin using time control of Game in 15 min with 3 second delay


Championship/Premier/Challenger - Top 5 in each section, plus top U1000, U600, and U200/Unrated, respectively, plus Outstanding Performance for any others scoring 3 or more. 

Novices and Unrated Adults - Top player in each round robin plus all other players scoring 3.5 or more.

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More Info

All sections are non-elimination. Players will be paired against players of similar scores each round. They should expect to play ALL 4 or 5 games.

If you have a schedule conflict, you may request up to one half-point bye when registering or by contacting the TD before the start of round 2; additional byes will be zero points. Byes do NOT affect a player's USCF rating.

Players may bring smartphones and tablets, but they must be hidden inside a closed bag and turned off during their games.

US Chess Federation tournament rules around touch move, announcing check, talking with opponents, etc. will apply to rated and unrated sections.

These rules will be shared in the emailed orientation before the tournament and also by the Tournament Director before the first round.


Emerald Hills Chess provides professionally-led summer camps and chess clubs serving 250+ kids in seven locations around the Tri-Valley, including five Pleasanton elementary schools (Valley View, Hearst, Mohr, Fairlands, and Donlon).

Register for our summer camps and classes (discounts for multi-program, siblings and high schoolers (use code "HSC" for latter)

The Tri-Valley Chess League is a student-led non-profit that also holds free chess classes in Pleasanton.


915 Main Street, #D
Pleasanton, CA 94566
United States

Sections: 5
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FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Emerald Hills Chess
Phone: 650-740-6361