Sunday Finn Action Open #91

Shelly Studio of Bridge and Games

Event Overview

6 - Round Standard-Rated Swiss

Date: SUNDAY, 1/22/23

Rounds Begin: 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4 

Event ends around 5:30 p.m.

Registration 10:30 a.m. - 10:55 a.m. - Sign-Up Sheets At Entrance

One Section: Open To All.

(Note: Some pairings may be adjusted for competitive matches and opportunity to gain rating points.)

Time Control: G/25, d5 (Standard-Rated Action Chess!)


Finn Grand Prix - Winter 2023

First Overall to 200 points: $500 + engraved Trophy

Second Overall to 200 points: $300 + engraved Trophy

First player rated 1501-1801 to 150 points: $100 + engraved Trophy

First player pated 0 - 1500 to 100 pts: $100 + engraved Trophy

Player who gains the most rating points per tournament starting with #89. End # yet to be decided: $100 + engraved Trophy (possible to win with another prize)

How the Grand Prix works:

Participation (playing minimum one game): 5 points

Win/Odd# Bye: 3 points

Draw: 2 points

Loss: 1 point

Sole First: 2 points

Sole Second/Two-way tie for First: 1 point

Perfect 6-0: 2 points

Carpool: 2 points to driver for each additional player brought in (up to three, family members included)

Maximum points possible per tournament: 33 points (5 points for participation +18 points for six wins + 2 points for clear first + 2 points for 6-0 score + 6 points for driving in three additional players)

We don't have a set schedule for the upcoming tournaments, but the average will be two a month, possibly more if there's high attendance (20+) at each event.

Some Details:

A) If multiple players reach 200 points the same tournament, thus tying for a prize, then the cash prize will be split evenly rounded down to the nearest dollar, and each player will receive a name-engraved trophy.

B) Points are calculated at the conclusion of each tournament, not intra-tournament. So, if a player only needs one point to reach 200, and another 20 points to reach 200, and at the end of the event they're both over 200, they're both equally tied for the prize, even if one player has more overall points.

C) Once a player reaches 200 points, starting with their next event, their points will go towards the next Grand Prix. Every player will start again at 0 points once they reach 200 points, or once all prizes they're eligible for have been claimed. If a player is still eligible for an available prize, then their points will count towards the current Grand Prix until that prize is won, even if all other prizes have been claimed already.

D) If a player bridges two rating-class prizes, they will be eligible for either, but can win only one prize, which will be the higher rated section or the higher amount prize. Minimum one tournament needs to be played at the lower rating to be eligible for that section's prize. (So, if a player starts the Grand Prix rated 1450, and finishes it rated 1825, they're still eligible for the lowest-rating class prize. The converse is true as well: if a player starts rated at 1650, but reaches 200 points rated only 1400, they will be eligible for the lower class prize.)

E) All prizes much be won within 25 tournaments from start of Grand Prix. Winter Grand Prix is Tournaments #89 - #113. If all prizes are claimed sooner than #113, then the Grand Prix will conclude with the tournament claiming the final prize. Once all prizes are claimed, the next Grand Prix cycle will begin.

F) Rating Gain Grand Prix prize: $100 + Engraved Trophy to the player who gains the most rating points starting with #89. End # yet to be decided. This statistic will only accumulate points gained per tournament, not overall. So, if a player gains 20 rating points one tournament, but loses 10 rating points the next two tournaments each, they are still +20. No deductions for losing rating points. This prize rewards your positive tournaments and ignores your losing events, based on pre-tournament live rating and post-tournament live rating.

Entry Fee: FREE

Late-Entries Welcome - Show up before any round begins, and you'll be paired.

Free Bottled Water/Snacks

Boards/Sets/Clocks/Scoresheets/Pens Provided - No Equipment Needed.

Only requirement: Must be CURRENT USCF member. All games USCF rated. You can join/re-new at club if needed.

The most efficient way to gain rating points is Action Chess. Why play a six-hour game when you can play a one-hour game for the same rating points? With modern computer analysis, chess growth happens away from the board, reviewing played games. SIX COMPLETE GAMES in the same time of one traditional tournament game means six times the learning opportunity and six times the potential rating point gain - all in one afternoon.

Action Chess is the most competitive and most fun form of standard-rated chess! If you're trying to become an Expert, Master, or scholastic player trying to move up the age lists, Action Chess is your best way to achieve your goals.

(Masks and vaccines optional.) 


6 British American Blvd, Suite D
Latham, NY 12110
United States

Sections: 1
Grand Prix Points: 0
Prize Fund: $1,100
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Finn Chess Tournaments
Phone: 518-608-0002