Star Wars Day Chess Tournament (4ss, 60+10)

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Event Overview

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Join us on May 4th (aka "Star Wars Day" because we say "May the 'fourth' be with you") as all ages and skill levels join us for this one-day, USCF-rated chess tournament with four sections.  There will be Star Wars themed awards, photo ops, and even a $75 cash prize for the best costume!

Register online here:  At registration, you'll be asked to choose Team Jedi, Team Sith, or Team Mandolorian.  The team whose players have the highest average number of points (wins/draws, not rating points) at the end of the event will earn a $5 coupon code for the next big Indy Chess tournament!

Here are the details:

  • Limit 80 players.  View pre-registered players here.
  • Tournament is four-round Swiss and USCF-rated (affects regular ratings), so all players must be a member of the US Chess Federation at least 24 hours prior to tournament start, and provide non-expired USCF ID# at registration.  Join USCF here.
  • Entry fee is $40 for Indy Chess members/$45 for non-members by 4/20/24 at 11:59pm, and $45 members/$50 non-members 4/21 to 5/3 at 11:59pm, and $55 day of the event.  Join Indy Chess here (our local club).
  • Check-in is 9-9:15am, and rounds begin at 9:30am, 12:30pm, 3:00pm, and 6:00pm.
  • The time control is 60 minutes + 10 second increment.
  • Four sections: 1800+ (Premiere), 1400-1799 (Upper), 1000-1399 (Middle), and unrated to 999 (Lower).  May published ratings used.  Provisional ratings used if otherwise unrated.  Unrated may play up at TD discretion.  Players within 100 points of higher section may play up for $20 fee (pay at check-in the extra fee; email TD intention in advance
  • Prizes include custom Star Wars character trophies for the top 3 places in each section (tiebreaks), plus the following cash prizes: Premiere ($200, $150, $100); Upper ($150, $100, $50); Middle ($100, $50, $25); Lower (Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd based on tie breaks); Best Costume $75.  All prizes quoted are based on 60 paid entries, and may be adjusted down if that projected turnout is not achieved.
  • Limit one half point bye can be requested in advance.  Byes for fourth round must be requested before beginning of third round.
  • Bring sets and clocks.  Many may be provided, but equipment is players' responsibility.  (If it's your first tournament, we'll have equipment for you.)
  • Playing room has great lighting, padded chairs, and is accessible to wheelchairs.
  • Light concessions will be available for sale.  Many restaurants within short drive.  No food in playing room, and only drink with caps allowed at playing tables.
  • All children 12 and under must have responsible adult on-site during entirety of event.  Kids can and will be disqualified if an adult is not present.  Indy Chess does not provide supervision of children under 13.  For children over 13, responsible adult must sign them in at check-in and leave their cell phone number.  Indy Chess reserves the right to request a parent/guardian be present for any individual under 18.
  • Skittles room with air hockey, ping pong, billiards, and more!  Additional tables/chairs in lobby for parents.  Chess library for members to check out free books.  Guest WiFi available.
  • Top boards may be livestreamed.
  • Notation of moves is required (unless time pressure).  If assistance needed, contact tournament director in advance.
  • Fair play: No devices allowed.  Phones must be turned off and face down or in bag.  On-call personnel, contact TD.
  • No refunds after May 2.

Register here:

Questions/Comments?  Email Mike Chapuran at or call 317-429-6952.

May the forks be with you!


6050 N Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208
United States

Sections: 4
Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: 1000
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Indy Chess
Phone: 317-429-6952