Resources for New Delegates

What is a Delegate?

The Delegate Cycle


The US Chess Bylaws

  • Article V explains the delegate system.
  • Article V, Section 4, specifically states the role of the state chapter in naming delegates.


For the date of the next Annual Delegates Meeting and to make reservations, locate the US Open tournament on the National Events page. The Annual Delegates Meeting is the final Saturday and Sunday of the US Open schedule. As we near the date of any given Delegates Meeting, a page will be created for it on this page.


New Delegates Webinar


Guide for Writing Motions


Roberts Rules of Order Summary (4pgs) 


An example of the Delegates Call


A video of the 2018 annual Delegates Meeting

  • Around minute 10 of the video, there is an example of a delegate from Iowa asking a question about a motion.


(pending) An example of Delegate Meeting Minutes so you can see the overall process of the meeting and its results.