Request for Proposals

We are inviting proposals from qualified vendors for the rebuilding and modernization of our Chess Rating System and its supporting server infrastructure.

Our existing system has played a crucial role in the development of chess in the United States, ranking over 100,000 chess players ranging from novice to Grandmasters, and providing reports and data for enthusiasts nationwide. However, with the evolution of technology, our own aging infrastructure and growing interest in the sport, it's clear we must enhance our capacity and further refine the reliability and efficiency of our rating system.

The objective of this RFP is to identify a partner who can collaboratively work with us to design, develop, and implement a highly scalable, resilient, and user-friendly rating system, capable of handling a significantly larger volume of users and providing faster, more precise ratings than our current infrastructure. Furthermore, this project aims to build a server that ensures data security, seamless operations, and reduced downtime, ultimately improving the user experience.

We are interested in vendors who have a proven track record in providing similar technology solutions and share our passion for chess and our commitment to providing accurate, reliable, and timely ratings to our community.

The detailed scope of work, timeline, and terms of engagement will be made available in the following sections of this RFP. We look forward to receiving innovative and competitive proposals that will help US Chess continue to evolve and thrive. We've also created a forum to house questions about the RFP here.

Please fill out the form below to download the RFP and be notified of any updates to the document or process.