There are more opportunities than ever before to play and enjoy chess in the US.

We believe anyone, regardless of age or ability, can benefit from playing chess. US Chess welcomes new and aspiring players of all backgrounds. Take advantage of all the opportunities there are to learn, play and enjoy one of the oldest and most popular games in the world.

Find a Club

Local clubs are a great way for new players to discover the joys of over the board chess and meet other chess players. Find one using our club directory.

Play in a Tournament

Find out about tournaments throughout the United States using our Tournament Life Announcement directory and check out results of previous tournaments using our search directory of rated event cross tables.

National Events Calendar

US Chess sponsors over 25 National Championship events every year. Find more information about future Championships planned throughout the US.

Major Events and Tournaments

For experienced players looking for huge prize funds from Vegas to Chicago, check out our Plan-Ahead Calendar, featuring tournaments with prizes over $5,000.

Correspondence Chess

US Chess also offers correspondence chess, otherwise known as postal chess.

Play Rated US Chess Online

Now you can play US Chess-rated games online on and the Internet Chess Club.

“One cool thing about chess is there are so many resources and crazy ideas… as painful and heartbreaking as it is… that fight to keep trying really pays off.”
— Kayden Troff, Grandmaster and 2014 US Junior Champion