Rick Massimo

Rick Massimo 2
Staff Bio

Rick played his first tournament chess game in 1977, and the joys — and frustrations — have captivated him ever since. “Playing chess did for me what playing football or baseball does for other kids,” he says, “and whenever I find myself in a new city, or a new life situation, I look for a club or a tournament and I’ve immediately got a group of people I can get along with.” 

He’s also been a writer and editor of everything from books on music and history to social media posts for more than 30 years, but he says, “I’m most looking forward to working with an organization, and on a publication, that has been such a big part of my life.” 

When he’s not working or playing chess, Rick is probably writing his novel about an elderly Soviet master, or recording music long distance with his high school bandmate. 

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