Pete Karagianis

Pete Karagianis
Staff Bio

Pete has been at US Chess since April 2018, although he has been involved in the game most of his life. “I enjoy the challenge and the focus associated with playing a tournament game. I also love the community that the game immerses you in. Many of my best lifelong friends are chess players. At its best, the game has a way of bringing people together in remarkably positive ways. Chess spans cultures and generations. It is truly universal.” Outside of work, “I'm really into record collecting. I'm a lifelong writer of multiple genres, including, recently, plays and screenplays. I also keep myself busy playing soccer and basketball with my kids and taking them on long hikes into the middle of nowhere. Oh, and fantasy football.” He even was once a script writer for an indie film company! He also hosts the “Chess Underground” podcast for US Chess.

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