Melinda Matthews

Melinda Matthews
Staff Bio

Melinda, who joined US Chess in April 2017, was named US Chess Safe Play Manager in March 2023. Prior to this role, Melinda served as managing editor for all publications. She was Chess Life’s second female editor from 2018-2020, edited Chess Life Kids through February 2023, and has written for both CLO and Chess Life since 2010. She was appointed chair of the Safe Play Advisory Group in June 2023 and has been part of the Safe Play investigation team since its inception.

For Melinda, chess is about forming connections and embracing its potential for inclusivity. Before coming to US Chess, Melinda was an urban planner, an AmeriCorps VISTA, and a grant writer. Her background and education in both journalism and urban planning have shaped her career choices. She says, “City planning and volunteerism are different avenues toward building strong communities, a theme that seems to run through my life.”

Safe Play Manager