John Hartmann

John Hartmann
Staff Bio

Although he was only hired in February 2019, John has been writing for Chess Life as a freelancer since 2013. His answer to, “What do you like about chess?” is simple: “Everything! People ask if chess is art, science, or sport. My answer is that it’s all three. There are awe-inducing moments of beauty for those with eyes to see. The rise of the computer helps highlight the scientific aspect of chess study and research. And anyone who has felt their pulse quicken as they splash out moves knows how arduous the sport can be. Also, books. Books, books, books.” Outside of work, he is a coffee snob and technophile. He’s the dad of “a fabulous kiddo with whom I try to spend as much quality time as I can without succumbing to Disney story overload.” Before US Chess, “I used to roast coffee for fun and profit, and I taught philosophy at two universities before abandoning academia without finishing my PhD. In my teens I did cold-calling for a dodgy chimney sweep company.”

Here's the solution to the position on John's business card. Did you find 18. Bh6?



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