Mission360 Challenger Festival

San Jose, CA

Event Overview

Mission360 Challenger Festival

March 25th -Apr 9th,  2023

Mission360 invites US team challengers to play with Masters and enjoy an exciting chess marathon!


Where: 2050 Concourse Dr #42, San Jose, CA 95131

When: Saturday March 25th - Sunday March 26th; Saturday Apr 1st –  Sunday Apr 9th, 2023

Registration: Fill out the form here 


  • Master team: 3 (foreign) GMs with FIDE 2350-2450; 5 (foreign) IM with FIDE 2200-2500; 1 (foreign) Master with FIDE 2200-2300

  • Sign-up for different teams / days of challenges:

      • Warm-up Challenger 1: Sat. Mar. 25th 

      • Warm-up Challenger 2: Sun. Mar. 26th 

      • Knight Challenger 1: Sat. Apr 1st 

      • Knight Challenger 2: Sun. Apr 2nd 

      • Bishop Challenger 1: Mon. Apr 3rd

      • Bishop Challenger 2: Tue. Apr 4th

      • Rook Challenger 1: Wed. Apr. 5th

      • Rook Challenger 2: Thu. Apr 6th

      • Queen Challenger 1: Fri Apr 7th 

      • Queen Challenger 2: Sat Apr 8th 

      • Grand Finale: Sun. Apr 9th

  • Event will be both USCF and FIDE regular rated

  • Rounds and Time Control: Challenger can choose to play either 2R G90+30 or 3R G60+30 (compliant with FIDE rule)

  • Round Time:

      • 3R: 10AM-2PM-6PM

      • 2R: 10AM-3PM


  • Challenger Team entry spots require donation of $380 per day, to Mission360. You are encouraged to donate through your company's charity portal supported by Benevity! Donations are fully tax deductible and go towards our mission to promote chess excellence and chess literacy. 


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2050 Concourse Dr #42,
San Jose, CA 95131
United States

Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund:
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Mission 360/ Bay Area Chess
Email: kevin@mission360foru.org
Phone: eric@mission360foru.org