MIKE NAGARAN 1946 – 2020

    A Life Member, former Master, and an accomplished TD, Mike passed November 7 after battling an aggressive cancer for a year. A native San Diegan, also served for many years on the SCCF Board. An active player at the North County and San Diego Clubs, he was always eager to assist less-accomplished players. Mike earned a PhD in education and taught at a variety of schools. In retirement, he pursued a variety of volunteer activities, including two years as a civic grand juror.

    Mike’s interpersonal skills came in handy during big tournaments; he was patient and better than I at explaining the basis of our rulings to aggrieved players. And he was such a nice guy that the one time I beat him, there was no joy to be felt despite my normally competitive nature.

    Mike is survived by his wife Sharon, daughters Laura and Jennifer, brother Loreto, and four grandchildren.

--Randy Hough