Mechanics' Institute Quads -- 2024 July

Mechanics' Institute

Event Overview

1. Dates & Location

• One Saturday every month at 3:00 pm

Onsite registration ends at 2:30 pm

• Location: Mechanics' Institute Chess Room
57 Post Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 (click here to map)


Date Day Start time Time Control Link to Register
6/15 Saturday 3:00 pm G/30;d5 Register:
7/20 Saturday 3:00 pm G/30;d5 Register:
8/17 Saturday 3:00 pm G/30;d5 Register:
9/21 Saturday 3:00 pm G/30;d5 Register:
10/19 Saturday 3:00 pm G/30;d5 Register:
11/16 Saturday 3:00 pm G/30;d5 Register:
12/21 Saturday 3:00 pm G/30;d5 Register:

List of registered players for 6/15 .. coming as we get closer to the event.


2. Tournament Format:

• Tournament Format: Round-Robin

• Total Rounds: 3

• Round Times: 3:00 pm and Rounds 2 & 3 on a rolling schedule

• Time Control: G/30;d5  (Game in 30 minutes with a 5-second delay at each move.)

• Games will be US Chess regular- & quick-rated (so-called dual rated). Tournament RESULTS will be submitted immediately after the last round is finished.

• Players will be split into groups of four (quads) based on their ratings, from the highest-rated to the lowest-rated.

• In case the last quad is not an even four players, they will play a mini-Swiss tournament.

• Monthly supplemental OTB rating will be used. The Chief TD has discretion to use a player's USCF online rating (ONL) or live rating for pairing purposes in extreme cases where fairness will be preserved by doing so.

3. Byes

• No byes are available!

4. Prize Fund --  $60 for each quad

1st Place $60 -- Winner takes it ALL!

• Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing prize checks.

• Per IRS rules anyone with a cumulative $600+ prizes in any calendar year will need to fill out a W-9; the Mechanics' Institute will also provide a 1099 form. 

5. Registration fees:

• Mechanics' Institute Member: $30

• Non-Member: $40

• $5 admin fee for all cancellations & refunds.

6. Eligibility

• Players must have current US Chess Federation membership. Expiration date of their US Chess membership must be later than the last day of the tournament.

• Not sure if you have a membership? Need to check the expiration date of your membership? Visit:

• Become a member or renew your membership:

7. Tournament Rules

• Standard US Chess rules apply.

• Forfeit time is 30 minutes.


Mechanics' Institute Chess Club reserves the right to update any details of this event (including but not limited to sections, time control, round times, prize fund, etc.) as we get closer to the event date to ensure an excellent tournament experience for players.



57 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States

Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: 60
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

Mechanics' Institute