MBD Chess Mates Online Novice Inaugural


Event Overview

This is the inaugural online tournament, sponsored by MBD Chess Mates and organized by Tim Sawyer. This tournament is for players rated under USCF 1200 and unrated. The tournament will be hosted at https://lichess.org.

This tournament is USCF rated. Over the Board Regular ratings are used for pairings, will be rated Online Regular. Highest rating of OTB and Online must be under 1200 as of the December published ratings.

Entry fee is $5 to help cover costs. Venmo @Tim-Sawyer-13, please include:
* USCF ID and expiration date
* Full Name
* Lichess handle
* Requested 1/2 point bye (if none is listed it is assumed you will play all four rounds)
* You must be a member of our group (https://lichess.org/team/mbd-chess-mates) to participate, as well as a Lichess member. You can get a free Lichess membership at https://lichess.org

Rounds (Time Control is G/30 +5):
1: 2:00 PM EST
2: 3:30 PM EST
3: 5:00 PM EST
4: 6:30 PM EST

One 1/2 point bye is available for any round. Any additional byes will be scored as 0.

Need additional information? Please contact tsawyer@mbdchess.com or via Lichess - handle is tasawyer81


521 Tuscany Valley Ct
Apt 3
Crestview Hills, KY 41017
United States

Sections: 1
Grand Prix Points:
Prize Fund: 0
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: No
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: Yes

Organizer Overview

Timothy Sawyer
Email: tsawyer@mbdchess.com
Phone: 859-414-8825
Submission ID