Indy March Super Tornado!

Grand Prix
Delta Hotels by Marriott, Indianapolis Airport

Event Overview

Entry to the following event is closed. As per COVID restrictions the organizer cannot accept any more entries.

$2590 BASED ON 60!

Grand Ballrooms 1 and 2 (social distancing)

5ss g/45+5 sec increment 

(Affects regular and quick rating)

Published March Ratings Used 

Face Coverings Mandatory


Four Sections! 

Premier (1801+)

Reserve (1501-1800)

Novice (1201-1500)

Apprentice (unr- 1200) 



Premier (1801+) 

1st = $500 + Trophy

2nd= $300 + Trophy 

3rd= $200 + Engraved medal 

Top U2001 $185 + Engraved medal     


Reserve (1501-1800) 

1st $250 + Trophy 

2nd $185 + Trophy 

Top U1601 $70 + Engraved Medal  


Novice (1201-1500)

1st $200 + Trophy 

2nd $130 + Trophy

Top U1301 $70 + Engraved Medal 


Apprentice (unrated-1200)

1st $200 + Trophy 

2nd $130 + Trophy 

Top U1001 $70 + Engraved Medal 



Bonus Prizes:

Top Tournament Upset: Trophy 

Top Female scorer: $100 bonus + Engraved Medal 

USCF Standard Tiebreaks will be used for Trophies / Medals


Entry Fee:

Early Discount: $70 by March 6th (PayPal) 

$85 after March 6th 

$90 on site 

FM IM GM = Free Entry (no deduction!) 

Players may play up ONE section for a $20 play up fee 

Unrated May Play up at TD discretion

New PayPal Link:

Please include your USCF ID, Name and March Rating



Prize Fund (b/60 paid entries) 

(112 Players at last Tornado!)

Cross table:


Fair play guidelines:

Electronic devices must be off, and put in a bag. If bag unavailable, you may turn off and place face down and leave on table

No player may leave playing hall with a cell phone/electronic device, metal detector will be used!  Subject to penalty/ disqualification!


March Official Published Ratings used 

TD may combine sections/use accelerated pairings, if needed 

Prizes adjusted accordingly



R1 10 AM (lunch break after R1)

R2 1 PM

R3 3:15 PM

R4 5:15 PM  

R5 7:45 PM


Bonus Blitz rated tournament 10 PM

Entry fee $20


5 Round Open Double Swiss

70% entries paid out

1st, 2nd 

Top u1601 


Tournament will start at 10 am 

Registration 8:30-9:45am

If already pre-registered, please check in at TD's desk by 9:30 AM, if possible 

USCF rated 

USCF membership required 

Please renew / join USCF 48 hours in advance, if possible 

limit 2 byes, notify in advance please (last round bye is a zero point bye) 

Restaurant & Starbucks on site!  (20% discount at restaurant- see hotel link below for details)

Free Wireless internet!

You may bring your own snacks / drinks - no food at table, but drinks are allowed

Many restaurants within 5 minutes 

No reservation required- you may show up and play, all players are welcome! Bring your friends and family! 

Please Bring sets + clocks (pre set g/45+5) Limited supply provided 

Scholastic players welcome! 

Beginners welcome! 

Please bring your own mask, supplies are limited

Social Distancing (one game per table, minimum 6 ft. spacing, 5300 SQ ft. of playing space in multiple rooms)

Sanitizer provided

Tournament submitted for rating on the same day

board 1 live streamed

Facebook: B C Chess Club for photos of past tournaments! 


$89 hotel room rate and restaurant discount info:


5860 Fortune Cir W
Indianapolis, IN 46241
United States

Sections: 4
Grand Prix Points: 10
Prize Fund: 2590
FIDE Rated: No
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Residency Restriction: No
Online Event: No

Organizer Overview

B C Chess Club
Phone: 13172866183

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