How to Bid for a National Championship Event

This page was last updated on January 11, 2024.


US Chess announces the publication of an updated bidding guide for US Chess National Events

Please contact the US Chess office if you are interested in bidding for a National Event. You can email your bid (preferred!) to Click here to show email address, or mail a copy as instructed in the bidding guide.  Complete details on what to include in your bid are available in the bidding guide. 

Please do not submit your bid to individual US Chess employees.  US Chess is not responsible for the consideration of any bid that is not submitted in compliance with the instructions in the bidding guide.

US Chess strongly recommends that bids be submitted according to the bidding deadlines in the bidding guide.  Please do not assume that because you received the bid for the prior year you have it for the next year without submitting a formal bid. 

The bidding process is sealed; no information about any bid is ever revealed to anyone outside the US Chess national office, either before or after the bidding period.


Any organizer interested in holding a national event that is still available for bidding may contact Click here to show email address for further information.

If an event is not listed on the National Events Calendar for a given year, it is available for bidding in that year.  Please consult the bidding guide to see if an unlisted event is past the bidding deadline given for that event.


US Chess reserves the right to decline all bids, to accept a bid prior to the bidding deadline, and assume organizational duties for any of its National Events.