Why doesn’t my tournament record include an event I played in?


Here are three possibilities:

  1. A rating report for the event was not sent in by the Tournament Director. If it is not listed on the Tournaments Received search page or the Events Rated page, contact the TD or the sponsoring Affiliate or club to see if the event was submitted for rating.
  2. The rating report has been received but has not yet been rated, usually because there were problems with the details, such as missing or invalid membership ID’s.
  3. The rating report was received and rated but there was an incorrect ID. Try searching for the event by tournament name or sponsoring Affiliate using the tournament feature of MSA or try the Events Receivedp age or the Events Rated page. If you can find the event but it does not show that you played in the event, see the question ‘How do I report an error in a crosstable?’
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