I reported a correction, when will my rating be changed?


Here’s what happens when a correction is reported by a player:

  • The TD has to be contacted to confirm the accuracy of that report. US Chess cannot accept correction reports from players, as TDs are responsible for the accuracy of their rating reports. It usually speeds things up if the player contacts the TD directly.
  • The TD has to report (or confirm) the correction to the US Chess ratings staff.
  • The ratings staff has to review the correction to make sure they have all the information needed to make the correction properly. This may require contacting the TD for clarification.
  • The records for the event have to be corrected.
  • The correction should be noted on MSA within a day, but any ratings impact will not occur until after the event has been rerated.

We currently run rerates once a week, on Tuesdays, but a rerate can take up to two days to complete and get posted to MSA, as once an event has been rerated all subsequent events for everyone who played in that event have to be rerated too.

This means it can take a week or longer for a correction to be reported, made and rerated.

US Chess runs a full rerate before generating a new rating list, so the current list should reflect the most current and accurate information we have at that time, though a correction to an event from several years ago could take 6 weeks or longer to affect someone’s rating.

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